MURDER USA: Kevin Lee McClam climbed out of his shell with both guns spitting bullets

MURDER USA: McClam climbed out of his shell with both guns spitting bullets

BRYANS ROAD, MD.   – Did someone tell Kevin Lee McClam to clam up or some other ugly form of hate speech that triggered him into pulling the trigger on his gun several times?

Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry reports that on January 25, 2021, at 4:43 p.m., Charles County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to 5264 Greenville Drive in Bryans Road, MD, for the report of a domestic-related assault in progress.


While en route to the call, officers were advised one of the subjects involved in the altercation had gone outside and was shooting a firearm toward the people who were still inside the house. As the first officer arrived, observed the suspect outside of the front door still pointing a handgun toward the house. The officer gave verbal commands, ordered the suspect to drop the weapon – which he did immediately – and was able to de-escalate the situation.


The suspect was taken into custody and the gun and ammunition was recovered. While escorting the suspect to a patrol car, the suspect broke free and ran, but was quickly apprehended without further incident. No one inside the house was injured.

Court records show that the suspect, Kevin Lee McClam, 20, (DOB 12/20/2000) of 5264 Greenville Road, Bryans Road, was charged on February 1, 2021, by Sheriff’s Patrol Officer H. Burgess violating a protective order to stay away from the premises two days after his arrest for the shooting incident. A hearing is set for June 7, 2021, for failing to obey the court order to stay out of Dodge.

Charles County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Officer Cornelius Harris with attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, escape, and other related charges. PFC R. Walls and Officer C. Harris are continuing the investigation.

McClam will be receiving legal representation paid for by the taxpayers of Maryland as a byproduct of his major temper tantrum. A bond hearing determined that he would remain in jail until a preliminary hearing on February 23, 2021.

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