BAD MOMMA: Police seek Shuree Weems in a string of liquor store assault and robberies as it’s always LIVE PD in Calvert County

BAD MOMMA: Police seek Shuree Weems in a string of liquor store assault and robberies

Her wheelman and coachman nabbed as cops expand dragnet


ST. LEONARD, MD – Maryland State Police report that a man whose grandmother must have been watching reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’ when she gave his daddy life and named him after the famous 1950s TV Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo has a son who allegedly took up with a robbery gang and now is sitting in the hoosegow. Ricky Ricardo Buck Jr. was part of a gang of a sad-sack bozo relay robbery gang that hit numerous Calvert County liquor stores. The crew of robbers was led by a scary broad who wears too much makeup, fancies face piercings, and neck tattoos, making it easy to spot her, as she is still on the lam.

On February 19, 2021, Maryland State police reported a search for Shuree Sinese Weems is underway, while her two stooges, who apparently were her getaway driver and designated shotgun operative, were nabbed.


Police identify the two rocket scientists who were arrested and charged as John Francis Dorsey Sr., 68, of Lexington Park and Ricky Ricardo Buck Jr., 32, (DOB 8/3/1988) of 12653 Olivet Road, Lusby, Maryland.  After consultation with the Calvert County State’s Attorney, both were charged by Maryland State Police Detective D. Marsch with two conspiracy counts to commit robbery.

The pair of alleged perpetrators of robbery were transported to the Calvert County Jail to await an appearance before the Calvert County District Court Commissioner. They were deemed not worthy of being allowed bail. Thus, they are cooling their jets in the slammer until a hearing before a judge.

The Maryland State Police have obtained an active arrest warrant for Weems, who is still at large and may be looking for new victims or perhaps a much-needed makeover.


Police say that shortly after 5:00 p.m. on February 18, 2021, a black woman wearing a pink shirt and red scarf attempted a strong-arm robbery of Mom & Pop’s Liquors on Williams Wharf Road in Saint Leonard, Maryland. Police believe the cashier opened the cash register when the female suspect jumped over the counter and attempted to take cash out of the till. A subsequent struggle ensued.


Police believe Weems struck the cashier with her fist and fled the store.  She was seen entering the passenger side of a white Ford F-150 displaying Maryland tags “9DC1018”. The driver of the Ford F-150, identified as a black male, fled the scene.


A similar incident occurred at a gas station on H. G. Trueman Road in Lusby approximately ten minutes later. A black woman entered the store and jumped over the counter when the cashier opened the register. She obtained cash from the drawer and fled the scene.  Again, she was seen getting into a white Ford f-150 with the same registration and the same driver description.

Shortly after the second robbery, deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department located the white F-150 truck with the same registration in the front of a liquor store on HG Trueman Road in Solomons, Md. Police conducted a felony traffic stop. Two black men inside the truck were taken into custody and transported to the Maryland State Police Prince Frederick Barrack.

Police report that the crack Investigators from the Criminal Enforcement Division Central South Region responded to assist. As a result of the investigation, the female suspect’s identity was determined, likely due to being given up by her witless partners in crime.

Police continue the search for Shuree Sinese Weems, whose evil ways are enhanced because her address on her last arrest was the same as that of Lucifer – 666 Field Road, Lusby, Md. At least the house number of Weems is the same as the number favored by the Devil himself.  On her arrest on February 4, 2021, Weems (DOB 12/14/1980) was charged with disturbing the peace, theft, and disorderly conduct by Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Deputy R. Shrawder.  

Weems apparently is a lot to handle for family and friends as a peace order issued in a case of domestic violence was issued on Sept. 22, 2020 and is valid thru March 22, 2021.  

St. Mary’s County District Court was another location where Weems appeared on November 24, 2020. She entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct, which provided her with three hots and a cot for sixty days in the St. Mary’s County Jail. As part of the plea deal between her taxpayer-provided attorneys and St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz, assault and trespass charges were dropped.


About two decades of court actions across Southern Maryland reveal a pattern of trespassing, assault, and disorderly conduct charges against Weems, including failing to provide support for a child and at least one conviction for DWI.

John Francis Dorsey Sr., of 22116 Fleetway Drive in Lexington Park, Md., was apparently not too fleet of foot for the flatfoots to find.

Dorsey’s record is devoid of serious violent crime. Still, it does have DWI convictions from 2009 and another in 2001 in St. Mary’s County and multiple convictions of driving while suspended from operating a vehicle.

Investigators ask anyone with information regarding Weems’ whereabouts to contact the Prince Frederick Barrack at 410-535-1400.  All callers may remain confidential.

  • Michael Eugene Abell DWI-drugs by St. Mary's Sheriff's Department Deputy Andrew Budd.

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