HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL: Heroin junkie Mike Kubisiak is ready, willing, and able to kill you and your family


HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL: Heroin junkie Mike Kubisiak is ready, willing, and able to kill you and your family

Maryland prosecutors are doing nothing to keep
 him in jail to get treatment or just let him dry out

LUSBY, MD. – A Calvert County man’s addiction to heroin is rapidly coming to a final eruption due to Maryland prosecutors failing to incarcerate him for repeated incidents of driving while impaired by heroin. Michael Stephen Kubisiak of Lusby, Md., is facing two separate DWI-drug charges and his most recent plea deal on the same charges only netted him a short stay in the hoosegow. The question now is when will he kill you and your family? That may happen as Kubisiak is on the fast track to hell and doesn’t care who he slaughters on a Maryland highway.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Department reports that on February 17, 2021, Deputy J. Denton was dispatched to the area of Rt. 4 and Sawmill Road for a report of a vehicle driving erratically.

Deputy Denton conducted a traffic stop on the suspected vehicle, a Ford, and while making contact with the driver, Michael Stephen Kubisiak, 28, (DOB 09/26/1991) of 1164 White Sands Drive, Lusby, Md., it was determined Kubisiak’s driving privileges were suspended.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, and Deputy Denton reported that he found a straw containing a white powdery residue, which police believe was heroin was discovered.

At the conclusion of the traffic stop, Deputy Denton informed Kubisiak of the citations being issued and Kubisiak took the citation handed to him and threw it on the ground. Kubisiak was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving on a Suspended License, Obstructing/Hindering an Investigation, and Littering.

Kubisiak, who calls himself ‘MikeKuby’ on Facebook as a nickname, has been arrested numerous times for possession of heroin and for operating a vehicle while suspended.

Kubisiak lives with his parents in a waterfront home in the White Sands community, just a few doors down from Vera’s Restaurant.

Anne Arundel Police Officer Martel cited Kubisiak on November 1, 2020, at 1:22 am with operating his 2020 black Ford Ranger on Solomon’s Island Road at Bachelor’s Choice in Anne Arundel County at 95 mph in the 40-mph speed zone.

Working to enhance his career as a potential killer on Maryland highways, the junkie Kubisiak, who clearly never considers “treatment” for his alleged disease or general craziness, was stopped by Anne Arundel County Police Officer Eisenhauer on November 30, 2020, and arrested for DWI-drugs (driving while impaired by dangerous substances). In order to avoid Kubisiak the inconvenience of being locked up in the Anne Arundel County Jail, the charges were issued by way of citation. A free attorney was provided for the charges and a trial is set for May 19, 2021, in Annapolis District Court.

Calvert Sheriff’s Department Deputy A. Aranda stopped Kubisiak as he operated the Ford Ranger on Rt. 4 at Hospital Road in Prince Frederick on November 2, 2020, at 9:12 am. The traffic charges placed against him that day included reckless driving in wanton and willful disregard for the safety of persons and property, reckless driving, and DWI-drugs. The court date for the charges is pending in Calvert District Court on March 25, 2021.  Kubisiak has been assigned a public defender, provided by the generosity of the Maryland taxpayers to represent him in court.

When Kubisiak was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs the case was moved to Calvert Circuit Court for trial on August 22, 2019. A deal was worked out by the Calvert States Attorney which did little to protect the public from an obvious junkie addicted to heroin on October 10, 2019. The deal struck provided that Kubisiak plead guilty to one count of driving under the influence of drugs and all other charges were dropped. For the trouble of pleading guilty, the four free attorneys paid for by the hapless taxpayers of Maryland won their client a mere fifty days in the slammer.  When Kubisiak failed to meet the terms of his probation, a bench warrant was issued on December 8, 2020.


In endless Facebook posts placed on his Facebook page in November of 2020, there are dozens of posts of his dashboard GPS showing his mileage, choice of music and other information, along with incoherent posts that a couple of his friend remarked to be examples of him being insane. The reality is that given his arrest record, he was taking he photos with his phone while operating his pickup truck while impaired on heroin.

The Calvert County States Attorney Bob Harvey gave a deal to Kubisiak on February 2, 2021, when he faced charges in Calvert District Court which had been placed against him by Maryland State Trooper Kelly on October 1, 2020. The deal was for charges of failing to obey lawful orders, disorderly conduct, and second-degree assault put on the Stet Docket. These charges can now be renewed based on his new criminal charges.

Four times during 2020, a petitioner asked the District Court to issue stay-away orders in domestic violence cases and each time the victim failed to appear and the stay-away orders were rescinded by the judge.

  • Michael Eugene Abell DWI-drugs by St. Mary's Sheriff's Department Deputy Andrew Budd.

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