TACO HELL: PG Jail Guards Turn Waldorf Fast Food Joint into Taco Hell; Cranky Cranks Ran Car into People, Store – SENTENCED TO FOUR YEARS


WALDORF, MD. – Two cranky female jail guards who were off work from the Prince Georges County Jail are cooling their jets and their derrieres in another county’s jail, without bond, following their arrest for a hellacious demonstration of temper, bad manners, murderous conduct, and all-around failure to do right. The pair of bodacious and bad-tempered Femme Fatales of the PG Jail ought to try ordering some Milk of Magnesia from Amazon and have it delivered to their new digs in the Chuck County Jail in LaPlata.


LA PLATA, MD—Tony Covington, State’s Attorney for Charles County, announced that on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Charles County Circuit Court Judge Amy J. Bragunier sentenced Tanesha Renea Williams, 26, of Waldorf, to 40 years, 283 days, with all but 4 years and 100 days suspended. Williams will serve her time in jail for 18 months, followed by 2 years on home detention. Williams will then be on supervised probation for 5 years.

On October 4, 2021, Williams plead guilty to one count of First-Degree Assault, four counts of Second-Degree Assault, and one count of Malicious Destruction of Property.  For those counts, the defendant was subject to a maximum sentence of 68 years incarceration.

On March 31, 2021, officers responded to the Taco Bell located at 91 Smallwood Drive in Waldorf for the report of a disorderly subject at the drive-thru window. Upon arrival, officers discovered that the front entrance doors to the Taco Bell were shattered. Officers also contacted multiple victims who were struck by a vehicle. Victims reported that the suspect, later determined to be Williams, fled in a silver Hyundai Sonata.

An investigation, which included the gathering of video of the incident, revealed that Williams, a customer at the Taco Bell, was in her vehicle at the drive-thru lane ordering position when she became involved in an argument with a Taco Bell employee.  Prior to driving up to the drive-thru window, Williams exited her vehicle and approached the drive-thru window on foot and assaulted the Taco Bell employee.  Shortly after the assault at the drive-thru window, Williams returned to her vehicle and drove to the front of the Taco Bell. 

While at the front of the restaurant, but still in her vehicle, Williams argued with numerous Taco Bell employees who had exited the store and were on foot, standing near the front entrance.  Williams was fully stopped in her vehicle.  At one point, Williams revved her engine and drove forward towards the group as if to strike them with her vehicle but stopped. She then backed her vehicle up.  Instead of exiting the parking lot at that time, Williams again drove her car forward but, this time, she did not stop and drove into and through the group of employees.  After striking the employees, Williams continued forward through the front doors of the Taco Bell, destroying property.  Williams then backed out of the Taco Bell building and fled the scene in her car. At no time during the altercation was Williams blocked in or prevented from leaving Taco Bell property.

The prosecutor for the case said during sentencing, “This incident was totally unnecessary and egregious. The defendant could have more seriously hurt or killed [the victims]. – The whole thing is about food, a dispute over whether you can order through the drive-thru or the app. It goes to show how senseless the situation is.”

Because one of the victims has not completed medical treatment due to injuries caused by Williams, the Court will hold a restitution hearing at a future date to determine the amount of restitution to be paid by Williams.


Count 13

  • Malicious Destruction of Property
  • 60 days
  • Credit for time served

Count 12

  • Second-Degree Assault
  • 223 days
  • Credit for time served
  • Consecutive to count 13

Count 1

  • First-Degree Assault
  • 10 years, suspend all but 18 months at Charles County Detention Center
  • Consecutive to counts 13 and 12

Count 4

  • Second-Degree Assault
  • 10 years, all suspended
  • Consecutive to counts 13, 12, 1, 6, and 9

Count 6

  • Second-Degree Assault
  • 10 years, suspend all but 1 year to be served on home detention
  • Consecutive to 13, 12, and 1

Count 9

  • Second-Degree Assault
  • 10 years, suspend all but 1 year to be served on home detention
  • Consecutive to counts 13, 12, 1, and 6

Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry reports that detectives have arrested Prince Georges Correction Officers Tanesha Renea Williams, 25, of Waldorf, and Diamond Shanay Johnson, 28, (DOB 9/22/1992) both are residents of 12380 Mt. Clare Place, Waldorf, Md., for their alleged conduct in crashing a vehicle into a group of people at the Taco Bell on Smallwood Drive in Waldorf.

The hot tamales of the PG County Jail

The hot tamales of the PG County Jail went on their rampage as they were purchasing food at the drive-thru window on March 31, 2021.

Police explain the details of this hard-shell taco escapade in this way:

 In the case, Tanesha Renea Williams was driving a sedan, and had placed an order at the drive thru. As she pulled up to the cashier, she and Johnson began arguing with the employee over the food order.

Both Williams and Johnson exited the car and approached the employee who was still standing at the drive-thru window. Williams allegedly assaulted the employee at the window before both she and Johnson got back into the car.

As shown in the accompanying video taken by a citizen and posted on Twitter, Williams then drove her TACO KILLER SEDAN to the front of the restaurant where several people were standing outside of the front doors.

Williams drove her car toward the group of people, backed up, and then drove toward the group again, striking and injuring several people as she continued forward crashing through the front doors.

After the assault, Williams backed her car out of the restaurant and fled the scene. Several people were treated for injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

Patrol officers responded and after a thorough investigation, positively identified both the driver and occupant. Arrest warrants were obtained on April 3, 2021, and members of the CCSO’s Warrant Unit located the suspects and served the warrants on April 5, 2021.

Williams, -Tanesha-Renea

Williams was charged with:

  • attempted murder,
  • first-degree assault,
  • second-degree assault,
  • traffic violations,
  • and other related charges.
Diamond Shanay Johnson charged with attempted murder.

Johnson was charged by Charles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Colin Stine with:

  • attempted murder,
  • first-degree assault,
  • second-degree assault
  • and other related charges.

Both suspects are currently being held at the Charles County Detention Center with no bond. The existence of their employment working at post in Prince Georges County riding herd on the miscreants of that county was concealed, initially, from the District Court Commissioner who was told by the women that they were unemployed. 

Allegedly making false claims of being sick since March 31, 2021 when the attack at Taco Bell took place, could result in both of them being dinged by PG County for falsifying the use of sick leave, however, the entire episode could result in them being terminated from their jobs.

 Both could possibly be promoted to the rank of shift commanders and used in recruiting videos posted on YouTube as examples of women who rise to the top by being forceful and refusing to accept a glass ceiling holding them back from elevating their careers.

The next official highlight of their lives will be in Charles County District Court on May 5, 2021, when they have a preliminary hearing before a judge, a hearing that is open to the public so their victims can observe the proceedings at 1:00 pm in Courtroom One.  In spite of being full-time employees of Prince Georges County, they are being provided free attorneys, courtesy of the taxpayers of Maryland.


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