ASSAULT & MAYHEM: When Dr. Randal Cieslak was nearly choked to death by her boyfriend crushing her throat with an oar, only a key Fob panic alarm saved her life

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ASSAULT & MAYHEM: When the doctor in the house was nearly choked to death by her boyfriend crushing her throat with an oar, only a key Fob panic alarm saved her life

Luckily for the doctor, the panic alarm summoned a cop and not a social worker.


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TALL TIMBERS, MD. – A United States Navy physician was attacked by her boyfriend who police say attempted to choke the life out of her on the day set aside as Armed Forces Day.

The victim, Dr. Randal Cieslak, has filed a domestic violence peace bond in the District Court of St. Mary’s County seeking the court to order Michael Peter Iminski to stay away from her home where he has been living since December 20, 2020.


  Iminski was arrested for assault and attempting to choke her to death on May 13, 2021, when he was arrested and held without bond in the St. Mary’s County Jail pending an appearance before a Judge on May 17, 2021. Dr. Cieslak is seeking the court to order that Iminski not enter her home at The Landings in Tall Timbers, not abuse her, contact her, and vacate and never again enter the residence.  An interim order was issued on May 13, 2021, and she seeks a final order on May 17, 2021.  


St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that on May 13, 2021, St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Cpl. Brian Connelly responded to the residence of Dr. Cieslak at 17764 Whitestone Drive in Tall Timbers, Md., for a key fob panic alarm.

MUD COPS St. Mary’s Sheriff Cpl. Brian Connelly and Sgt. Harold Young after finding a lost person.

Cpl. Connelly spoke with the victim who advised that Michael Peter Iminski, 33, who lived in her home, and she, were in an argument which escalated into an assault.

According to police, Dr. Cieslak told Corporal Connelly that Iminski pulled her shirt “so forcefully that it ripped off” her body.

Iminski then allegedly picked up a wooden paddle, reached over the top of the victim’s head and placed the paddle against the victim’s throat. Iminski began to squeeze the paddle handle against the victim’s throat strangling the victim to the point of gasping for air.

At that point, the Navy doctor then attempted to escape and get help by opening a window and grabbing a phone to make a 911 call.

Iminski allegedly then pushed the victim to the ground and again placed the paddle against the victim’s throat and shattered the phone and threw it into a dog bowl full of water.

Cpl. Connelly observed numerous signs of injury on the victim and the total value of household items damaged during the assault was $2,200.

Iminski was arrested and charged with felony First-Degree Assault; Second-Degree Assault; Malicious Destruction of Property and False Imprisonment.

Two days before the assault on Dr. Cieslak, Iminski posted a video on his Facebook page, of two Osprey preparing their nest on the pole erected in front of the expensive waterfront home located on the Potomac River, and whispered in the video, so as to not disturb the birds as they built their love nest for the season. He also panned the video to show the dogs in the household.

Dr. Cieslak is assigned to Fort Belvoir currently and purchased the home in Tall Timbers in January of 2021.

Iminski states on his LinkedIn page that he is unemployed and has no intention of returning to work at Fitness International, where he was employed until he was furloughed in December of 2020.

 Iminski has been deemed eligible for a free attorney paid for by Maryland taxpayers in his upcoming court hearings and in the meantime was refused bail and kept in the St. Mary’s Jail.

The following information was posted on Iminski’s LinkedIn page:

I am a Business School Graduate with a history academically, in sports and extracurriculars alike, as well as in the workplace (since age 14 as a golf caddie) of performing well in crucial situations. I possess the ability and desire to work hard and am extremely self-motivated. Oftentimes I also respond well to being challenged and other types of motivation apart from my own personal intent and desire to succeed. With those and other contributing factors, more often than not, I accomplish much more than what is expected of me.

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