By Ken Rossignol


LEONARDTOWN, MD. – You can’t quit if you’ve been fired, except in the Walled City of Leonardtown.  A St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Sergeant has been relieved of his duties as a police officer, according to the director of the Maryland Police Training Commission; however, he apparently has cooked up a deal with St. Mary’s Sheriff Cameron to retire instead of being fired.


While former Sgt. William Raddatz makes nearly $175,000 per year in salary and in overtime in each of the past two years, his duty status at this time is acting as a station clerk at the new $3,000,000 Lexington Park Sheriff’s station, which acts primarily as a secure place for deputies to use restroom facilities.  A much less costly sheriff station has been in use in the old Carver Elementary School until the new one was completed in 2020.

The salary of a station clerk is about $35,000 per year, according to pay records provided to THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY on all employees of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department.

Bill Raddatz posted on Facebook that he is retiring in July of 2021 and in a long post, thanked all those who had mentored him or assisted him in his career.

The reason that a sworn officer with about two decades of service on the Sheriff’s Department to be relieved of police officer’s powers, with no badge, no gun, no arrest powers generally are in line with discipline which, under the Police Officers Bill of Rights, are not under public scrutiny.

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron has been requested to provide a reason why he would pay a deputy sheriff sergeant a salary of $120,699.07 and take away his police powers and reassign him to working as a clerk.  Sheriff Cameron has yet to respond with an answer.

In past requests for information about discipline for deputies alleged to be driving a police vehicle while intoxicated and of assault on a citizen, Sheriff Cameron declined to comment, claiming the information sought was “a personnel matter” that he could not comment about due to the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.

Sheriff Cameron has been asked to confirm a report that former Sgt. William Raddatz had issued orders to deputies on his squad to hold back on arresting suspects in domestic violence cases due to the paperwork required causing a loss of manpower on the road when the arrestee is taken to jail.

Sheriff Cameron has yet to respond with an answer.

Sheriff Cameron finally responded on April 29, 2021 to a Public Information Act request made by THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY on March 8, 2021, for salaries and overtime of all employees in the 2019 and 2020 calendar years. Cameron delayed his response citing the Governor’s Covid orders from one year earlier.  Only repeated calls to the St. Mary’s County Attorney and the threat of litigation resulted in the release of the requested information.

A 2014 request for the same information resulted in the Sheriff’s Department providing the names, salaries, overtime records with an added bonus of each and every social security number for every employee including Sheriff Cameron. The information was requested in 2014 to be in digital format and instead was provide in paper format.  

This request in 2021 was also provided in paper format. The 2021 request asked that if social security numbers were once again provided that written permission to sell the information on the dark web be provided along with the requested information.

St. Mary’s County officials exposed Social Security numbers for all employees of Sheriff



A current roster of employees provided as part of the request shows Raddatz continues on the payroll with the rank of Sergeant. In his Facebook post announcing his retirement from the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department, which has since been deleted, Raddatz said he had worked the past six years as a supervisor in the Patrol Division.

“I’m calling it quits!” stated Raddatz.

To the contrary, Maryland Police Training Executive Director Albert L. Liebno Jr. provided the following statement concerning the status of Raddatz as a police officer in Maryland:

“As a follow-up to your Public Information Act request regarding Sergeant William Raddatz, please be advised that the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office has reported to the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions that Sergeant Raddatz was placed on non-officer status on December 15, 2020.”

Tim Cameron with Dan Alioto upon graduation from DEA Academy. Alioto resigned while under investigation for truthfulness according to county records after he was faced with firing, reduction in rank and stripped of his gun, badge and police vehicle. Alioto was Cameron’s hatchet man and commander of the agency Vice Squad.

The sudden disappearance of a veteran deputy such as Raddatz and ex-Captain Daniel Alito four years ago, is about all the public will learn about these public employees working in the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department.

Questions about the truthfulness of a deputy while under investigation who suddenly resigns, as in the case of Alioto, is as close to the mark that can be obtained. In the case of John Edison, arrested by Raddatz in 2008 and charged with rape, the 16-year-old defendant who was charged as an adult was found not guilty by a jury in Circuit Court.  The attorney for Edison said bluntly that Raddatz was a liar and once the jury heard the testimony and saw the evidence, they quickly found Edison not guilty.  Edison spent six months in jail prior to the trial, due to the judge refusing to look at hospital records which proved he was innocent.

The Maryland General Assembly repealed the Law Officers Bill of Rights, in the 2021 session, which will open the door to public scrutiny for examination of the discipline of law officers and end the practice of Sheriff Cameron of refusing to disclose why a deputy has been terminated.



As a leader of the FOP Lodge #7 in Great Mills, Raddatz has been a driving force for the election campaigns of St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron and has posed for photos of campaign donations to candidates. In one photo, Raddatz posed with former State Senator Steve Waugh as he passed Waugh a check for $1,000 for his campaign. In the photo, Detective Raddatz appeared in his plain clothes, complete with his badge worn on his belt and displayed in the campaign photograph.  Deputies are banned from appearing in political endorsements in uniform and the uniform of a detective is plain clothes with a badge as the police identification.

Deputy William Raddatz directing traffic at Coltons Point



1.  Please explain why your Sheriff’s Department roster provided in response to a Public Information Act request shows that William Raddatz is displayed as a Sergeant when you informed the Maryland Police Training Commission on December 15, 2020, that the police powers of Mr. Raddatz have been suspended. 

2. Please confirm that Mr. Raddatz is currently assigned as a station clerk at the Lexington Park Sheriff station and provide the salary he is currently paid for this job. 

3. Mr. Raddatz has announced he is retiring in July. Why is he being allowed to retire if his police powers have been suspended? This information is sought for a news story in order for you to account for your operation of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department. 


Kenneth C. Rossignol


          RE:    Public Information Act request

Dear Mr. Rossignol:

          Thank you for your Monday, May 10, 2021 Public Information Act request forwarded to Sheriff Cameron. The Sheriff’s Office is not permitted to provide the information you have requested. Personnel information is privileged under State law. See Md. Code Ann., State Gov’t Art., §10-616(i). Accordingly, please allow this to serve as a denial of your Freedom of Information Act request.

                                                          Sincerely yours,

                                                            KARPINSKI, CORNBROOKS & KARP, P.A.


By: Kevin Karpinski

Edison Found Not Guilty of Rape

By Kenneth C. Rossignol

LEONARDTOWN — Should St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz have pursued the prosecution of a 16-year-old kid for rape while there wasn’t any evidence to support the charge?  Should the local judges who all refused to consider the evidence that cleared the boy of the allegations of rape be reprimanded?

Don’t get your hopes up.  Judges live a life of privilege and seldom have to answer for being dumb.

Should a Maryland State Trooper be reprimanded for lying under oath in court?  Should St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Detective William Raddatz be reprimanded for playing fast and loose with the facts and pursuing a case which was not supported by the facts?

These questions are pertinent as a local family finally, well, almost finally was able to walk out of the courtroom with their very dumb but innocent son due to the hard work of defense attorney Kevin J. McDevitt.

Boys who stay out all night with 12-year-old girls need to understand that all hell can break loose, and it did, even if the girl’s consent, which they legally can’t.

St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz paid $451 per hour for an expert witness to come to Leonardtown to testify that it is normal for victims of violent rape to not have any injuries.  At that hourly rate, the expert likely passes out plenty of business cards.

Fritz could have used himself as an expert witness, as he pleaded guilty to having raped a 15-year-old girl when he was 18, along with two others.  Fritz later told ABC News that it wasn’t rape, the girl consented and 3 teens having sex with a underage girl “happens all the time” in St. Mary’s County. He ought to know.  The girl in that case said she was held down while she screamed for help and they took turns raping her.

In this case, the facts showed that the two girls in this complaint were seen with the boys in the case eight hours after they were allegedly snatched from the road and dragged to a house and raped.  One girl admitted that she and her boyfriend had consensual sex and no charges were placed against this kid.

The girl who was the alleged victim in the case caught hell when she got home after being out all night and it was the boyfriend of the mother who called 911 to report that the girl was forcibly and violently raped.

The boy admitted that the two had been intimately involved but had not had sex which the medical examination supported.

The prosecutor in the case, Joe Stanalonis, realized just before trial that he had nothing and walked away from it, dumping the case on the very talented Dan White who still could not turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

But after hearing all the evidence in the case, which included testimony that the girl in question was never penetrated and had no injuries, the jury took but 20 minutes to find John Edison not guilty.

The boy was in jail for six months when he should have been granted bail.  When the verdict was announced, the bozo St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department failed to release him in the courtroom to his family and the Judge failed to issue the order to release him even though he was found not guilty.  Why?  The Sheriff’s Department insists that he must go back to the jail for the paperwork to finalize his release from detention. 

All the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department has to do is watch Law and Order and they can see that when a person is found not guilty, he or she walks out of the courtroom, not back into handcuffs for transport to the jail.

Remember folks, this is the town run by the Mad Hatter.




Maryland Court of Appeals


Judge, District Court        $156,333

Chief Judge, District Court            $178,633

Judge, Circuit Court         $169,433

Judge, Court of Special Appeals $178,633

Chief Judge, Court of Special Appeals      $181,633

Judge, Court of Appeals $191,433

Chief Judge, Court of Appeals     $210,433

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot on Main Street Annapolis Oct. 22, 2018



Colonel Woodrow Jones, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo




Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo



Tim Cameron is a wild and crazy guy at the FOP on election night 2006 after beating incumbent Sheriff David Zylak.

ST. MARY’S SHERIFF TIMOTHY CAMERON, $138,010 in 2019 and $146,361 in 2020.

Why is Republican St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron covering up for crooked cops? Where’s the loot? St. Mary’s Assistant Sheriff gave $80,000 in evidence to his stepson and a pal and was never charged with a crime

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