JILTED AND SCORCHED: Two Mokes from Waldorf and Clinton Found a Way to Extend Their Stay at the Beach When Their Amorous Moves Gave Their Targets the Creeps

FENWICK ISLAND, DEL. – A night out for four women at a beach bar in Ocean City turned into a nightmare right out of horror movie.

 Master Corporal Gary Fournier of the Delaware State Police reports that at the request of the Fenwick Island Police Department, the Delaware State Police Criminal Investigations Unit is investigating an early morning shooting in the town limits.

The incident occurred around 2:43 a.m. Friday June 25, 2021, when a 911 call was placed to the Emergency Operations Center in Sussex County reporting some suspicious activity outside the residence in the unit block of West Atlantic Street.


A Fenwick Island Police Officer responded to the house and observed a Jeep Wrangler on fire. The officer and victims were able to extinguish the fire before noticing some bullet holes in siding of the house and a front window shattered. Located in the roadway in front of the home were at least six shell casings that are alleged to have been fired from a handgun.

Master Corporal Fournier says that an investigation into the mayhem revealed four females were outside Seacrets in Ocean City waiting on an Uber when they were approached by two males.

A conversation ensued and the two males offered to drive the females home. They agreed, but along the way, the females began to feel uncomfortable and asked to get let out of the vehicle prior to their home. A discussion about paying for the ride ensued and one of the victim’s paid the driver $35.00. The four females then went to an undisclosed location prior to going to their house for fear they might have been followed. After feeling it was safe to go into their house, they heard someone talking outside and saw the male passenger from the vehicle walking up to the front door. Soon after, they heard some type of banging on the side of the house and thought the subjects were hitting the house with an unknown object. It was later determined to be gunshots and none of the victims were injured.

The subjects fled the area prior to the Fenwick Island Police Officer’s arrival, and he was able to provide a description of the suspect’s black Toyota Tundra to the EOC and Ocean City Police Department.

Ocean City Police report that they located the vehicle and the two occupants and were able to take them into custody without incident.


Delaware State Police have obtained warrants on Andre J. Blakeney, 33 of Waldorf, MD and Finis A. Miles, 27, of Clinton, Md., for the following charges:

  • 4 counts of Reckless Endangering 1st
  • Criminal Mischief over $5,000
  • Conspiracy 2nd
  • Criminal Trespass 3rd

The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office has also obtained warrants for Blakeney and Miles for Arson 2nd and Conspiracy 2nd.


Ocean City Police Officer Howard Caplan charged Finis Aaron Miles, (DOB 10/29/1993) of 7006 Vismanco Lane, Clinton, Md, with being a fugitive from justice in Delaware.  A bail bond hearing is scheduled for June 28, 2021, in Worcester District Court in Snow Hill, Md.

Charges of possession of drugs with the intent to distribute and possession of more than ten grams of pot were placed against Miles by Ocean City Police Officer Adam Lapinski.

Andre J. Blakeney, (DOB 01/09/1988) of 3134 Heathcote Road, Waldorf, Md., was arrested on fugitive charges by Ocean City Police Officer Howard Caplan on June 25, 2021 and is set for a hearing on June 28, 2021.  Blakeney was decorated with matching drug charges that were provided his cohort but gained a third one, that of illegal possession of ammunition.

With guilty results on charges of reckless endangerment and second-degree assault in Prince Georges Circuit Court on January 24, 2020, Blakeney was ready to face the Wuhan Virus Year.

Blakeney filed a complaint in the District Court of PG County against the Prince Georges County Police for the return of his contraband money and firearms on January 5, 2018.  The court dismissed the complaint on April 8, 2019.

Both Blakeney and Miles will be arrested on their charges in Delaware upon extradition from Maryland at a later date.

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