FAILING TO DELIVER ON COMMUTER RAIL TO SOUTHERN MARYLAND: Hoyer claims new spending spree will aid region after failing to lift a finger since 2006 promise


From left, former Del. John Bohanan, Congressman Anthony Brown, former Senator and Congressman Roy Dyson, Congressman Steny Hoyer, former Senator Mac Middleton, former Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Delegate Sally Jameson. Not a single one of them did anything substantive to bring MARC commuter trains into Southern Md while preaching for a $3 billion extension of Metro down Rt. 5 which will never take place. They pandered for votes in this photo in 2006. Now Hoyer is pandering again for support for bringing socialism to America with the Build Back Bolshevic Biden Plan. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

MARC serves West Virginia but does not send commuter trains into Southern Maryland on CSX existing tracks.
O’Malley-with-new-MARC-trains. While O’Malley promised to put MARC on the tracks to Waldorf, he never took a serious step to do anything. Photo courtesy of Maryland taxpayers.

Infrastructure Bill Will Deliver for Maryland’s Fifth


Last week, the House passed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, sending a major infrastructure package to President Joe Biden’s desk. I was proud to fight for this legislation in Congress by bringing it to the Floor and ensuring its final passage. For Maryland, this legislation not only provides funding to rebuild our roads and bridges; it also creates good-paying jobs right here in the Fifth District and takes significant action to address the climate crisis.

Here’s a look at what Maryland gains from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

  • Provides funding to repair 273 bridges and over 2,201 miles of highway in poor condition in Maryland with an estimated $4.1 billion in highway aid and $409 million for bridge replacement and repair over the next five years. This modernization will put the safety of our people first, with a focus on climate change mitigation and equity for all users.  
  • Makes historic investments into our public transit system with an expected $1.7 billion over the next five years to improve public transit in our state. After the WMATA derailment a few weeks ago, this investment comes at a critical time for our region. This legislation secures over $150 million to WMATA over the next eight years to improve safety and repair.
  • Expands quality broadband access across Maryland with a focus on households most in need. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Maryland is expected to receive a minimum of $100 million to improve access to broadband for at least 148,000 people in our state. This will go a long way to assisting low-income and rural households in our community.
  • Makes strides to protect our environment and takes action on the climate crisis. As a proud advocate for the restoration and clean-up of our beloved Chesapeake Bay, I am thrilled that this legislation will provide the Bay with $238 million over the next five years to supplement restoration efforts. In addition, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act creates our nation’s first-ever national network of Electric Vehicles (EV) chargers to help address the climate crisis and bolster manufacturing jobs across the country. Maryland is expected to bring in $63 million for our own EV charging network.

For years to come, Maryland will see the outstanding benefits of this bill – whether on the roads or right at home – and I am looking forward to keeping you updated on how this once-in-a-generation legislation will make a difference in our communities. Our work is not over as we advance the Build Back Better Act in Congress, but we can all celebrate the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act today as a major victory for our state.

As always, I encourage all Fifth District residents to continue to share their concerns and insights with me by contacting my office or connecting with me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. If you are experiencing a personal difficulty such as issues accessing veterans benefits or another problem regarding a federal agency and you wish for my office to place an inquiry on your behalf, please complete the casework request form by clicking here.   

Sincerely Yours,   
Steny H. Hoyer   

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