DWI HIT PARADE: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports DWI arrests August 31, thru October 31, 2021


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Kyrian-Jonaz-Brooks, 19-of-Leonardtown-by-Deputy-Joseph-Bowling-DWI-arrest

Aug. 31, 2021: Kyrian Jonaz Brooks,19, of Leonardtown, by St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputy Joseph Bowling. Attorney for Brooks is Daniel Slade of Leonardtown, who entered his appearance on Sept. 23, 2021. According to court records, this is the first DWI arrest for Brooks.


Sept. 1, 2021: Leslie Tashawne Johnson, 39 of Callaway, by St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputy Preston Dixon. Glen Burnie attorney Mark A. Lechowicz has entered his appearance to represent Johnson.


Sept. 5, 2021: Rondell Levard Carey, 37, (DOB:07/31/1984) of 44328 AZALEA WAY, California, by Deputy Nicholas Hill. In a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz, Carey was represented by a free attorney provided by the hapless taxpayers of Maryland, and on November 30, 2021, he entered a guilty plea to DWI, was sentenced to 60 days in jail and all of the jail time was suspended. Carey was fined $257.00 and allowed to give the courts an IOU for the fine. OUTCOME: A verdict of Probation Before Judgement, No time and no fine for endangering the lives of others on Rt. 235 in Saint Mary’s County, Md.

Arrested twice in one year in the same county for DWI.


Sept. 5, 2021: Donis Francisco Herrera Hernandez, 28, (DOB 11/10/1993) of 21898 RONALD DR, Lexington Park, by Deputy Allison Mattera, and is also charged with felony unlawful use of a vehicle and possession of drugs other than pot. Leonardtown attorney Alfred Shane Mattingly has signed up to be his attorney.

Donis Francisco Herrera Hernandez was charged on March 27, 2021, with DWI by St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputy P. Dixon who arrested him as he operated a vehicle on Rt. 235 near Oakville Road, in Oakville at 4:15 pm. The trial for this DWI charge has yet to be held after several delays.


Sept. 6, 2021: Donald Wayne Norris, 34, (DOB 1/30/1987) of 45598 SUNFLOWER ST, Great Mills, arrested by Sgt. Sheena Tirpak for DWI drugs and or alcohol, who also charged him with negligent and reckless driving when he was stopped on Rt. 5 at Fairgrounds Road near Leonardtown, Md. Norris faces three felony charges of theft and stealing another person’s credit card in St. Mary’s District Court set to be heard on January 21, 2022, at a preliminary hearing. The taxpayers of Maryland are providing a free attorney for Norris in this matter. The complaining officer in this matter was St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy Thomas Snyder.

  • Another arrest, for possession of drugs other than pot, by St. Mary’s Sheriffs Department Deputy Keith Moritz is scheduled for trial on January 6, 2022.
  • Arrests for driving while suspended in 2017, 2018, and 2019 were put on the Stet Docket by St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz.
  • On December 4, 2013, Fritz dropped a charge of failing to return to the scene of a crash in the District Court of Saint Mary’s. Convicted of stalking in 2010, Norris found himself with the following result ordered by District Court Judge Christy Hold Chesser:



Sept. 9, 2021: Michael Chatfield Ott, 31 of Baltimore, by Deputy Michael Graves. Ott has hired the Gunslinger Lawyer of Leonardtown, Kevin J. McDevitt as his attorney for trial on December 8, 2021.

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Sept. 10, 2021: Charles Michael Yowaiski, 67, of Chaptico, by Deputy Jessica Wilson. Yowaiski is represented in his looming trial for DWI on December 30, 2021, by Upper Marlboro Attorney Thomas McManus.


Sept. 12, 2021: Lacey Donnell Rainey Jr., 43, of 8713 COMMUNITY SQUARE LN, Upper Marlboro, by Deputy Zachary Jerew. Rainey was charged with DWI and with packing a gun in his vehicle which resulted in his indictment by the Saint Mary’s Circuit Court Grand Jury. Prince Frederick attorney Brendan Callahan is listed as his attorney. The trial in Circuit Court is set for Dec. 28, 2021. Rainey was found guilty of packing a gun in a vehicle on October 4, 2011, in Prince Georges County Court.

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Sept. 12, 2021: Javier Francisco Rodriguez Avila, 34, of 42352 SELL DRIVE, Lexington Park, by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy Andrew Budd. (no photo available) 


Sept. 16, 2021: Tamara Kimberly Richardson, 33, of 45880 CHANCELLORS RUN CT #1101, Great Mills, by Sgt. Tirpak. Along with the DWI drugs/alcohol charge were numerous other traffic citations. Richardson has been cited and convicted of driving without a permit going back as far as 2010.


Sept. 16, 2021: Jacqueline Brittany McGee, 30, of Mechanicsville, by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy Andrew Budd.

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Sept. 19, 2021: Michael Richard Elbon, 58, of Mineral, VA, and 10267 SHIP COURT, Lusby, Md by Deputy Casey Hill #381 (no photo available) Elbon has employed the Gunslinger Lawyer of Leonardtown, Kevin J. McDevitt to be his attorney for trial on December 15, 2021.

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Sept. 24, 2021: Alexus Tierra Banard, 23, of Accokeek, by Cpl. Melissa Green #218 (no photo available) 


Sept. 26, 2021: Shannen Leigh Lane, 33, of 29332 GREENFIELD AVE, Trappe, Md, by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy David Lawrence.  Lane is represented for her trial by Waldorf attorney Robert Castro.

Sept. 30, 2021: Jason Douglas Pardoe, 37, of Lusby, by St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Alexander Wynnyk. 

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Sept. 30, 2021: Michael Jayvon Simpson, 26, of Hollywood, by Deputy Dixon. (no photo available) 


Oct. 1, 2021: Alan Bonham Brooks, 27, of Lusby, by Deputy Budd #325


Oct. 2, 2021: Ronald Kevin Speight, 59, of Richmond, VA, by Deputy Benjamin Luffey #352


Oct. 3, 2021: Marcus Trevaughn Briscoe, 25, of California, by Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage #241

Kimberly Ann Murray, age 42 of Great Mills, by Deputy Christopher Palmer DWI arrest

Oct. 3, 2021: Kimberly Ann Murray, 42, of Great Mills, by Deputy Christopher Palmer #373


Oct. 3, 2021: Tony Raymond Bean, 43, of California, by Cpl. Flerlage #241 


Oct. 4, 2021: Barry Alexander Crenshaw, 54, of Zebulon, NC, by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy Dixon. The trial for the DWI arrest is set for December 15, 2021, in St. Mary’s District Court.
D-043-CR-19-000823 | State of Maryland vs. BARRY ALEXANDER CRENSHAW. Charges of second-degree assault filed by St. Mary’s Deputy John Davis in District Court were dropped by St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz on October 23, 2019. Attorney Thomas Pyles was the attorney for Crenshaw.

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Oct. 8, 2021: Priscilla Nelson, 38 of Norfolk, VA, by Cpl. Dale Smith. (no photo available) 

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Oct. 9, 2021: Victor Alberto Rogriguez Jr., 38, of Great Mills, by Deputy Michael Rycyzyn #350 (no photo available) 


Oct. 10, 2021: Edwin Solis, 65, of Lexington Park, by Deputy Bianca Salas #358 


Oct. 14, 2021: Monroe Maurice Gantt Jr., 54 of Lexington Park, by Cpl. Skyler Lefave.


Oct. 14, 2021: Cody Shane Nichols, 23 of Mechanicsville, by Deputy Wilson.


Oct. 15, 2021: Garrett Dewayne Butler, 41 of Leonardtown, by Deputy Hill.

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Zack Mattingly gains 3rd DWI in two years; Southern Maryland States Attorneys keep this dangerous driver on the road without any regard for the safety of the public; what will Fritz do on the newest DWI?

St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz

Oct. 16, 2021: Zack Milton Mattingly, 62, of Compton, Md, was arrested by Cpl. Milton Pesante when stopped at 22869 NEWTOWNE NECK RD LEONARDTOWN, Md. Attorney Joseph Capristo is listed in court records as the attorney for Mattingly. The trial is set for January 4, 2022.

Charles County States Attorney Anthony Covington.

Zack Milton Mattingly was charged with DWI in Charles County, Md on November 4, 2020, by Maryland State Trooper Williams and entered into a plea deal with Charles County States Attorney Tony Covington. Mattingly pleaded guilty to DWI that contributed to a collision and was given a verdict of Probation Before Judgement with no jail time and no fine.


Zack Milton Mattingly was arrested for DWI by Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Chris Childress on October 18, 2020. Calvert County States Attorney Bob Harvey, who clearly didn’t bother to check his computer for Mattingly’s record, gave a plea deal to Mattingly on October 26, 2021, with a verdict of Probation Before Judgement, no fine, no time in exchange for a guilty plea, thus saving Harvey all the trouble of bothering to put on a trial and earn his salary from the hapless taxpayers of Calvert County. (The $357.00 fine was allowed to be deferred to a later date.)

Oct. 19, 2021: Francisco J Martinez Granados, 57 of Hollywood, by DFC Shawn Shelko. (no photo available) 

Oct. 23, 2021: Steven Jerome Falta, 31, of Hollywood, by Deputy Burgess #355 (no photo available)  

Oct. 24, 2021: Jose Miguel Figueras Gonzalez, 43, of California, by Deputy Taylor-Lynn Kril #382 (no photo available) 

Oct. 24, 2021: Roy Mitchell Jones, 45, of Charlotte Hall, by Cpl. Gray Maloy #137 (no photo available) 


Oct. 25, 2021: Kristin Lacey Dziergowski, 33, of Hollywood, by DFC Raley #345 

Oct. 27, 2021: Amanda Nicole Ostenso, 31, of Great Mills, by Deputy Wilson #370 (no photo available) 

Oct. 31, 2021: Tamia Latice Lee, 22, of Lexington Park, by Deputy Richard Wilhelmi #365 (no photo available)       

  • Kerry Joseph Woods Jr., age 23 of Lexington Park- Driving Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol and Driving Vehicle While Impaired by Alcohol by Cpl. Pesante

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