IMPEACH HOGAN? Candidate for Governor files impeachment article in House of Delegates to unhorse Larry for all his tyranny during Wuhan Virus pandemic

ANNAPOLIS, MD. – A Republican member of the House of Delegates from Carroll and Frederick Counties has filed an article of impeachment with the Maryland General Assembly to impeach Republican Governor Larry Hogan. Hogan, in his last year of two terms as Governor of Maryland, announced on February 7, 2022, that he would not be a candidate for the United States Senate seat that is up for grabs in 2022.

Del. Dan Cox is a conservative and running for Governor in the Republican primary.

The resolution that Cox filed complains of the various excessive actions taken by Hogan during the state of emergency that he declared.

The acts of which Cox complains were protested throughout the time that the heavy-handed and unconstitutional dictates were issued by Hogan.

Chief among them is the unprecedented act of closing down small businesses around Maryland, such as beauty salons and neighborhood bars and cafes while allowing big-box chain stores to stay open and thrive.

Hogan sent a Maryland State Trooper to the Waldorf Carwash on Rt. 5 and arrested the owner for failing to shut down the business.  The automatic car wash might have been the least likely place for the spread of the virus. The car wash owner was jailed for his violation of the Governor’s emergency orders.  At the same time, a La Plata nursing home, operated by the Charles County government was the scene of more than three dozen deaths due to the covid virus.

Maryland, under Governor Hogan, operates the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, and more than 65 residents of the nursing home and residential center died of covid. There were no recorded deaths at the carwash.



Hearing Alert: Governor Hogan’s Health Care Heroes Act

As Maryland continues to mark Healthcare Heroes Appreciation Week, February 10, 2022, at 1:30 p.m., the House Health and Government Operations Committee will hold a hearing on Governor Hogan’s emergency legislation to address the health care staffing shortage across the state.

  • HB407: Health Occupations – Health Care Staffing Shortage Emergency – Declaration and Licensing and Practice Requirements (Health Care Heroes Act of 2022)

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