BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH – Was Judge Michael White and the Deputy States Attorney Daniel White Planning to Murder John White?


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SEASON THREE – Trade Secrets Saga for 2023

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BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH – Was Judge Michael White and the Deputy States Attorney Daniel White Planning to Murder John White?



News and Commentary

While there are disputes over the exact wording of the warning to Julius Ceasar the day he was murdered, the fact remains that he was slain. Ceasar sought the guidance of a soothsayer who observed the remains of a bull sacrificed to the Gods to seek the direction of what Ceasar should do when invited to attend a session of the Roman Senate. The Soothsayer said the bull had no heart, but Ceasar ignored the omen and went to his doom anyway that day and was set upon by twelve of his trusted friends, some of whom were even his relatives.

This venture into history assists in demonstrating the predicament that John White faced over the past two decades. Two of his brothers and several of his trusted employees allegedly conspired to steal his trade secrets and embezzled millions of dollars from his marketing firm, Compass Marketing.

Worse yet, various documents and a federal civil suit filed by Compass Marketing naming Judge Michael R. White and Deputy St. Mary’s States Attorney Daniel White, along with Maryland State Police Lt. George White, have allegedly committed criminal acts under investigation of the Maryland Office of the State Prosecutor.

The typical buffoonery and total lack of integrity of St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz were revealed when he posted on Facebook a statement that the lawsuit and allegations against his chief prosecutor and the judge were simply a civil matter. This statement of Fritz was revealed to be a lie by his criminal referral of the allegations to State Prosecutor Charlton Howard. If the actions of his top prosecutor were civil, why did Fritz lie in a public posting and claim that the matter was all about “hate between brothers”?

According to the eighty-five-page Complaint, the secret bank accounts opened by Judge Michael White and Deputy States Attorney Daniel White were used to defraud Compass Marketing of significant income and fund a lavish lifestyle for these two men.


Deputy States Attorney Daniel White and his brother Michael White, both of them minority stockholders in Compass Marketing, signed signature cards setting up a bank account at County First Bank in Waldorf, Maryland, on December 1, 2008, in the name of Compass Marketing with the address given on the account as that of Michael White instead of the firm’s Annapolis office. The signatures of both men are on the signature card for the account but not that of the majority owner of Compass, Chairman John White. The crafty Judge Michael White did list his office phone number and extension at the Annapolis office of Compass Marketing – and not his cell phone number. Apparently, Michael White made sure all bank statements went to his home and any phone calls to verify deposits or questions about the Compass Marketing Account only went to him.

One of the secret bank accounts was used to pay for various expenses of Michael White and Daniel White and was held at the Community Bank of The Chesapeake. A certificate of deposit in the amount of $50,291.00 was opened at the California, Maryland branch on Rt. 235 on June 15, 2009, at the predecessor bank, County First Bank. The mailing address for Compass Marketing Inc is listed on the document accepting the deposit was 39650 Hiawatha Circle, Mechanicsville, Md.

 The Community Bank of the Chesapeake had full knowledge of the extent of the funds deposited in the accounts by Michael White. Still, it facilitated his fraud of the Federal Government by processing Paycheck Protection Program funds for Michael White and George White’s Woodville Pines LLC. 

The PPP loan aided by the seemingly corrupt bank headquartered in Waldorf, Md., will soon be another avenue for investigators that may be examining the hundreds of other PPP loans processed by the bank. The PPP loan to Woodville Pines LLC was in the amount of $28,000 and was forgiven even though George White never lost any income because of the pandemic and was fully employed by the Maryland State Police. Judge Michael White had assets and goods worth millions of dollars and accounts at Community Bank of The Chesapeake. 


For twelve years, very efficiently and without fail, electronic payments from the Community Bank of the Chesapeake went to a life insurance company that held a secret life insurance policy for John White.  

John White didn’t know about the policy until a clerk with the life insurance company notified him in 2019 that the policy premium was overdue and needed to be remitted immediately. It was only then that John White inquired about the policy and the payment method revealed the secret bank account. The bank account was in the name of Compass Marketing. Still, the mailing address on the account was that of Michael White on Hiawatha Circle in Golden Beach instead of the company office in Annapolis, where he worked as the chief financial officer at a salary of $200,000 annually.

Didn’t the Community Bank of The Chesapeake find it odd that the significant account didn’t go to the business office of Compass Marketing in Annapolis?

 Didn’t the Vice President of Loans bother to look in the computer on her desk when she processed the loan for Woodville Pines LLC that the business that was getting ready to rape the taxpayers already had lots of money in other accounts held by Michael R. White?

Life insurance policies placed on family members or partners in a business that is purchased without the insured’s knowledge are often at the center of murder mysteries that fill the endless hours of television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Murder She Wrote, and Investigation Discovery.

 Ironically, Michael White, when he was a Maryland State Police detective, appeared in the production Body in the Bay that appeared on ID Discovery in 2012 about a 1993 murder that took place at Solomon’s Md when John David O’Meara murdered Nancy Lynn Manni.

John-White, left-and-Chip-DiPaula, right,-at-conference-in-India


The monthly premiums for the life insurance policies on Daniel, Michael, and John White averaged about $92,000.00 annually. The policies were for $2 million each. John White was never told about the policies and never learned of the existence until the accidental discovery after Compass Marketing fired Daniel White and Michael White in November of 2018. In 2019, Daniel White and Michael White contacted State Farm Insurance to change the premium payment method for their life insurance policies to their own personal bank accounts.


In a stunning allegation, as a result of an investigation ordered by John White into his company’s finances, it is revealed that John White’s signature was forged twice on his two-million-dollar life insurance policy. The investigation also uncovered allegations that Daniel White ordered and paid for Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance for four years and signed the applications as CEO of Compass Marketing when he was not; therefore, he possibly committed insurance fraud. Daniel White allegedly signed one of the renewals after the company terminated him and voted him off the board of directors.  

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