CHEAP SHOTS: Politics Stew, Gunfire, and Locomotives

Politics Stew, Gunfire, and Locomotives

As I was preparing a new big pot of McGuilicudy Stew for my St. Patrick’s Day guests, I kept thinking about how this was the political season; the budget was being prepared. Politicians were feasting on visions of collecting campaign funds from developers and builders.

I was cutting up potatoes and carrots and a big bag of those great Vidalia onions, nice and sweet, not like those Spanish onions that will turn your eyes into Niagara Falls – and it hit me that The Shadow had not been consulted on how to fix this mouthwatering concoction of vital vittles which will be consumed, consummated and commented upon for many years.

After all, how could anyone live in St. Mary’s County when The Shadow failed to examine a recipe that so many folks would soon enjoy? 

There is a recipe for a needed change in law enforcement in St. Mary’s County. Not much is being offered in the race for Sheriff as a decidedly lumpy guy who led a dangerous, fun bunch out for a day of target practice with automatic weapons one day not long ago on a farm next to the Wildewood community.

That day, the lawman in charge was Captain Steve Hall, who ignored the basic rule of firearms safety of failing to have a safe background for the direction in which a gun was fired. St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron immediately issued a statement saying he was “mortified” and immediately ordered a full investigation into the matter. Cameron, the newest Head Keeper of the Keystone Cops of St. Mary’s County, in a long line of such Chieftains, never said another word about it.

St. Mary’s Sheriff suspends two captains on heels of admission cops were shooting at occupied homes

THE SHADOW soon learned that the problem of the gun fun fire that day that resulted in a live round landing just a couple of feet from the crib where a child lay asleep in a home in Wildewood was one of liability for the county. It seems that leaks inside the Sheriff’s Department revealed that the person who fired the round was a vendor with the agency who was allowed to go out to fire guns in a boy’s day out. No word if shots of tequila and beer were involved, but with such a lax of protocol and stupidity on the part of those involved, it isn’t a real stretch to think that these bozos of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department were drinking while playing with their guns. 

One can tell that Tim Cameron’s failure to fire someone over that day was the day he stopped being the Sheriff for the people of St. Mary’s County and had assumed his actual role as the President of the Good Old Boys Club of the Sheriff’s Dept.  

Rather than fire Steve Hall, if he was the guilty party who allowed the gunfire to come dangerously close to killing an infant, Cameron is now promoting him to be the next Sheriff. 

Cameron said in 2018 that his reason for running for another term that year was to ensure that his successor would be qualified to run the large agency.  

Cameron brought hope and promise to the voters in 2006, and once he took office, he abandoned those principles and opposed the use of body-worn cameras when asked in an interview in 2008. As folks have seen since that time, body-worn cameras work to protect police officers from lies and unfounded allegations. Too bad Tim thinks he is the FOP union leader instead of the Sheriff.


The old boy network is about to learn another lesson. Be as it may, there are good folks around who buy the BS put out from Richard Fritz about how he looks out for folks, helps those who made mistakes, and gives second chances to young people. That, of course, is 100 % crap, but it can be an effective campaign tool for those who peddle it to find out if it works. It’s called a marketing tool, and it is preached to a focus group standing around the bar at Andersons or some other fine establishment. The trouble is that the line of BS ignores the reality that Fritz has been doling out fourth chances in plea deals and dropped charges to miscreants in their thirties, forties, and fifties who drive drunk, drugged, abuse women, or commit other violent offenses. It is called corruption when Fritz hands out these deals to his pals and supporters, not redemption and a chance for turning their lives around—working in concert with his Assistant States Attorney Dan White, Fritz deals and wheels on criminal charges leaving the public unprotected. 

There is a train coming down the tracks of the old Brandywine Railroad heading into St. Mary’s County, and it’s taking the track straight to Leonardtown. Driving the locomotive is a new engineer named Jaymi Sterling. The STERLING CAMPAIGN TRAIN is bearing down on the Walled City.

Fritz better go clean his guns, get his duck hunting license up to date, and polish his decoys as after the July primary, or whenever the hell it might actually be held, he is going to be cleaning out his desk after Sterling whips him like the pasture noodle he has been for a long time.

Governor Larry Hogan is asking folks to support his daughter Jaymi for the post of States Attorney.  Hogan may have irritated a few folks about his lack of supporting Trump, but only a real bozo would argue he hasn’t been a voice of sanity in Annapolis as he serves his eight years in the Governor’s job. Hogan has completely changed the Judiciary with solid appointments after the O’Malley dipsticks and ding dongs that were appointed to the bench.

THE SHADOW is hearing that we have Republicans in St. Mary’s County playing the old cat and mouse game about “staying out of it” when it comes to the States Attorney race and failing to get behind Sterling. If there is a soul in the county that can’t see what a creep Fritz is and the need to replace him, it’s a shame. But that is, the whole idea behind education is to provide information to the masses to make lives better.

Some are just slower to inhale the information and prefer to roll around in the ignorance of a hog pen, get all gussied up with crap, and bloviate about being non-partisan when they are your elected delegate and state senator. 

When will Republican officials let the women of St. Mary’s County know that they give a damn and support a qualified woman to be elected States Attorney for the first time in the Mother County of Maryland?


 Margaret Brent’s role in government set the pace centuries ago. When the Hogan bus rolled into Bushwood Wharf four years ago this spring, the result was electing a solid and qualified and responsive chap to the State Senate. Where is Jack Bailey now that St. Mary’s County voters have a chance to get rid of the national embarrassment that keeps getting elected by the Good Old Boy network?


Only THE SHADOW knows for sure. Tune in again for more on this story.

  • Dinner for six hundred at Jack Bailey for Senate Bushwood event at Ocean Hall on April 27, 2018. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Governor Larry Hogan with Karin and Jack Bailey and their children. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • With a party tent the size of a football field the Jack Bailey Fundraiser kicked off to a huge crowd. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • jack Bailey's daughter, left, greets Nancy & George Allen Hayden of Mechanicsville to the event. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo.
  • The popular Republican Governor's endorsement for Jack Bailey coincides with a sentiment in St. Mary's that the aloof and arrogant PAC MAN Steve Waugh failed to be responsive to St. Mary's needs. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Republican three-term St. Mary's Sheriff Tim Cameron finds the prospect of Jack Bailey being the next State Senator to be a great idea. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Circuit Court Judge Joseph Stanalonis. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Assuring that the event at Bushwood Wharf adhered to good and common political traditions, Angie and Sheriff Tim Cameron were early arrivals. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Watching the river from this porch is an all day affair at Ocean Hall. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • St. Mary's County Commissioner President Randy Guy was working the crowd in his bid to win a second term over a Democrat opponent in November. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Ocean Hall dates to 1670 according to the Library of Congress.
  • Ribbon cutting of the new Bushwood Wharf was also a big political event.
  • Mechanicsville residents Tommy Longobardi, Julia Forbes, and Ann May were joined by School Board Member Jim Davis at the Jack Bailey Bushwood Gala. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo.
  • Maryland Secretary of Veterans Affairs George Owings, also a former Calvert Delegate greeted guests along with St. Mary's School Board Member Jim Davis. right. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Lexington Park attorney Sam Baldwin, also a noted Southern Maryland historian couldn't get his wife Janice Briscoe Baldwin to attend due to her Democrat roots, but Democratic Register of Wills candidate Phyllis Superior was glad to be there. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Jack Bailey's great uncle Sen. Paul J. Bailey served four terms in the Maryland Senate and was best known for legalizing slot machines in 1947 and banning oil refineries in 1974. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Under the Big Top at Bushwood where Jack Bailey proved he is a formidable candidate in the race for Senate District 29. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan at Jack Bailey Senate fundraiser on April 27, 2018
  • Del. Matt Morgan, Rep,. Mechanicsville provided some insights about Annapolis to the crowd at Bailey Senate Gala in Bushwood. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Steaming into the GOP primary election with the first stop at Bushwood Wharf, Jack Bailey thanks everyone for their strong support. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
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