ELECTION 2022 Delegate Brian Crosby wants $100,000 of tax money to pay for new restrooms of a bar in his district

ELECTION 2022 Delegate Brian Crosby wants $100,000 of tax money to pay for new restrooms of a bar in his district

ANNAPOLIS, MD – When a Democrat wants to blow money, rob taxpayers, and feather nests, all they have to do is be a member of the House of Delegates and put in a bond bill for a good cause, and viola, the taxpayers are raped once again.   The trick is to put a worthy need forward as the reason for moving money from the taxpayers to the pockets of one of the politician’s friends – which is precisely the way piracy has flourished in Maryland since the first days of the colony.

Not a loan, but a grant

Delegate Brian Crosby (D. St. Mary’s) sponsored a bond bill for $100,000 to fund restrooms for a newly renovated bar and liquor store in the St. James village area of St. Mary’s County.

In the bond bill proposal engineered by Delegate Brian Crosby, the purpose is defined with the following description:

“EAG Properties, in which David Thompson is majority owner, owns the property and all buildings at 19343 Three Notch Rd., Lexington Park, MD. 20653. Irony, LLC dba St James Deli & Spirits, in which Sherry Thompson is the majority owner pays rent to EAG Properties. The purpose of St James Deli & Spirits is to provide goods and services to an underserved area.”

The bill further says that the southern part of St. Mary’s County lacks places where the public can find a pot to pee in, which is entirely untrue. The purpose is more clearly a case of a blatant act of political chicanery being perpetrated by a Democrat truly interested in enriching a friend at the expense of the public.

Citing the lack of public facilities, the following language is in the bond bill sponsored by Delegate Crosby:

“St James Public Comfort Station would serve as a rest stop and public restroom for southern St Mary’s County. Some destinations include Point Lookout State Park, Elms Beach, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and Historic St Mary’s City. There are less than 10 food establishments and other businesses south of the base that cannot provide this service.”

Suppose Delegate Crosby is telling the truth to his fellow delegates to convince them to pass his bill. Where have members of the motoring public been relieving themselves over the past 70 years since folks have been going to destinations in the south end of St. Mary’s County to fish, swim, go boating, and camp?


 Beginning at the intersection of Rt. 235 and Hermanville Road, there are many establishments with public restrooms constructed at the expense of the owners of the businesses or provided by taxpayers at public parks and facilities without any special bond bills sponsored by Del. Crosby or any special bond bills by other Democrats.

  • Blimpies Subs and Sunoco at Hermanville
  • Farmers Market at Hermanville
  • A Mexican restaurant at Spring Ridge
  • Elms Beach public park at Spring Ridge
  • Rod n Reel at Dameron
  • St. Mary’s College
  • St. Mary’s Historic Visitors Center
  • Ridgell’s Baymart
  • Ridge Dollar General
  • Buzzy’s Country Store
  • Point Lookout State Park (Eight public restrooms in campground, park, fishing pier, and marina and beach areas)
  • Pier 450
  • Seaside View Campground
  • Courtney’s Restaurant
  • Point Lookout Marina
  • Buzz’s Marina
  • Woodlawn Inn

According to several dozen posts on the Facebook page for St. James Deli, the newly reopened deli is back to serving sandwiches and receiving rave reviews.  A video, below, posted on the store’s page, shows off the newly redone store and shows strong support for the small business. Small businesses have been battered in record ways in the past two years as lockdowns and hysteria have caused turmoil and havoc for entrepreneurs and their employees.


Numerous, scores even, of businesses in St. Mary’s County received PPP loans, from small cafes to owners of a dozen McDonalds, defense contractors, and large gasoline distributors and building contractors. St. James Deli does not appear to be on the list and still may be able to apply for a Small Business Administration loan. Unlike many other Democrats, Delegate Crosby does not have the Thompsons or their firm listed as campaign donors on his election campaign finance filed with the State of Maryland.



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