ELECTION 2022: Three’s company in St. Mary’s GOP race for Sheriff; one more may join them

COMING UP! More on Mr. & Mrs. Politics as “O’Connor and Wife” make their move on the business of government in St. Mary’s County

Cpl. William Rishel, Sgt. Todd Fleenor, DFC Lacey Smith, and Capt. Steven Hall 

Sgt. Todd Fleenor filed for Sheriff in St. Mary’s County.

Fleenor and Hall share a common bond in fleecing the taxpayers with a training boondoggle for the airport that has never had a scheduled flight

Along with Sheriff Tim Cameron and Captain Steven Hall, Fleenor extended his thanks and gratitude to the members of the Montreal Canadian Airport Canine Unit for their hospitality, especially Head Trainer Yanick Choquette. “This was the experience of a lifetime for Corporal Cathcart and me,” Fleenor stated. “The knowledge and expertise we gained in Canada will be applied daily while performing our K9 duties.” He added, “Thank you to the Montreal Canada Canine Unit for the invitation to participate in this valuable training and for our continued partnership. Also, thank you to Sheriff Tim Cameron for your continued support of the K9 Unit.”

St. Mary’s Commissioner John O’Connor abruptly pulled out of the Commissioner President’s race to run for his current post. On Good Friday, O’Connor hopped into the St. Mary’s Sheriff contest.

Seat-Pleasant-Police-Officer-John-E.-O’Connor-missed-many-St.-Marys-Commissioner-meetings. O’Connor posted this photo on Facebook.

OUT OF THE RACE: Election records show that Lee withdrew from the contest for St. Mary’s Sheriff


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