ELECTION 2022 – John O’Connor might be just what is needed to straighten out the Keystone Cops of St. Mary’s County


Commentary on the Election


After winning two successive terms in office as a St. Mary’s County Commissioner, the unflappable John E. O’Connor has now set his sights on winning the post of Sheriff of St. Mary’s County. Despite first filing for County Commissioner President and then for his current seat on the Board after Commissioner President Randy Guy wobbled and weaved his way back into the race, O’Connor offers voters a real choice. For the first time since 1982, a law officer can be chosen from outside the Good Old Boy Keystone Cops clique that has dominated the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department.

 Through a succession of Sheriffs, Richard Voorhaar, David Zylak, and Tim Cameron, the musical chairs in the agency have been traded around. This game has been played with a massive waste of tax dollars being dictated and sometimes, as in the case of the arrogant former Assistant Sheriff John Horne, or stolen, as in the case of former Assistant Sheriff Steven Doolan, and The Loot Scandal, law enforcement in St. Mary’s County has been a circus, a clown show and a quagmire of tomfoolery.  

Sheriff Voorhaar, tricky Rick Fritz, and six deputies were judged by the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to have violated the First Amendment rights of the people of St. Mary’s County and this publisher when they raided newsstands the night before the election in 1998 and cleaned out all available copies of ST. MARY’S TODAY to keep voters from reading critical articles about the Sheriff’s Department and Fritz before voting.

 The long line of personnel being dismissed for serious offenses without any explanation to the public who picks up the tab for any of the nonsense can be laid directly at the feet of Tim Cameron. He once offered hope and change and delivered very little as he became the High Sheriff of the Kingdom of the Keystone Cops.

 In 2018, in an interview with THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY, Cameron was asked why he was running for a fourth term, and he answered that it was so he could line up his succession. 

Sheriff Cameron’s planned successor for the post had just blown up in his face before the 2018 election – Captain Daniel Alioto.

Alioto and his wife were on vacation with Sheriff Cameron and his wife. The day after they returned, Cameron hauled Alioto into his office and stripped him of his badge, gun, and police car. Very quickly, Alioto resigned while under investigation for truthfulness.

 Sheriff  Cameron stripped a senior deputy of his police powers, stowed him in the six-million-dollar restroom facility for deputies on Great Mills Road for six months, and let him retire without disclosing why Sgt. Bill Raddatz was essentially removed as a cop and turned into a clerk.

Now, in 2022, Cameron’s planned successor has yet to explain why officers in his special operations unit were firing high-powered weapons on a farm next to the Wildewood subdivision and bullets from their guns landed in a baby’s bedroom in a home in that community, just a few feet where the infant was sleeping. Cameron said at the time that he was “mortified” at the event and promised a full investigation. Cameron has yet to provide the results of the investigation to the public. However, Cameron is endorsing for the 2022 election Captain Steve Hall, the man that Cameron suspended for two weeks after the shooting into the baby’s bedroom in Wildwood.  

 Whatever the role Captain Steve Hall played in the fiasco, the event is typical of the conduct of the Sheriff’s Department under Cameron, who has stayed in his post far too long and now leaves behind his designee, that is incapable of operating the agency.  

Cameron’s Assistant Sheriff Mike Merican, who has long personified the Peter Principle, has now retired but don’t expect him to fade away as rumor has it that Cameron will hire him as a contract employee like he does so many of his retired deputies and brings him back as a double-dipper in the post of Warden of the Jail.

ELECTION 2022: John O’Connor explains goals in his quest to be St. Mary’s County Sheriff

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Merican’s actions in the raid on newsstands were entirely in character with the actions of the KKK and Nazi Germany. When Cameron was elected three years after the court ruling, Cameron promoted Merican to his top assistant. That sums up pretty well how Cameron felt about the newsstand raid.

One other product of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department, Todd Fleenor, has filed for Sheriff as well. Both Fleenor and Hall were involved in giving yet another screwing to the taxpayers in an adventure to Toronto where St. Mary’s K-9 dogs went for training on sniffing for bombs on airplanes instead of going to BWI or Front Royal, Va, for the same training a much lower cost – but since St. Mary’s Airport has never EVER had a single scheduled flight from the $3 million white elephant passenger terminal, no such training was needed at any cost.

The Republican voters of St. Mary’s County will have a choice of Commissioner John O’Connor or either of the two deputies, neither one who has ever been a candidate for election, been in a position to explain or even care to explain the workings of the police agency that spends tens of millions of dollars each year and holds critical control over the lives and civil rights of citizens.

 O’Connor has had his demons in his life, faced many of them, dodged others, and participated in some of the typical government adventures with the public’s tax money that most of those in office have partaken. Despite all of this, O’Connor is the only person running for Sheriff that has faced the voters before this year, participated in understanding an annual budget that affects over 100,000 citizens, involves millions of dollars and hundreds of employees – and he has been doing it for eight years.

The two deputies he is up against for the GOP nomination for Sheriff have none of this experience. 

the St. Mary’s Democratic Party is a den of welfare recipients, taxtakers, liberal yahoos, and all-around nutcases,

The Democrats do not have a candidate, and as the St. Mary’s Democratic Party is a den of welfare recipients, taxtakers, liberal yahoos, and all-around nutcases, that is a good thing for if they were to advance one of their trans-gendered tattooed, nose-pierced far-leftist socialist Bernie Sanders-wannabes, maybe they would win.

The local Democratic Party leaders (with the exception of Sal Raspa and Karl Pence) are barely worse than the offerings from the Republican party when it comes to producing candidates for office in law enforcement.   The St. Mary’s Democrats are such loons, that even the president of the NAACP signed up as a Republican.

The last time an outsider came into the Office of Sheriff was when the late Sheriff Wayne Pettit beat the late Sheriff Joe Lee Somerville in 1982.   Somerville was a sincere man surrounded by the same league of dipstick deputies, and Pettit brought discipline, order, and professionalism to the Keystone Cops.

By his third term, Pettit had turned over the agency to the dipsticks again, Laurel and HardyLt. Dick Voorhaar and Lt. Phil Cooper – and the agency plunged back into mediocrity and disorder.  

Commissioner John O’Connor might want to provide more details behind the Pot Factory in Abell and answer other questions, which he will soon do in an interview. Still, the fact remains that the decision on who the voters will select as the next Sheriff will take place on July 19, 2022, and many voters will realize that it is time to go outside the agency to find leadership as Sheriff.  

As a candidate, Steve Hall has all the presence of a blow-up clown for kids to punch at a birthday party, and Fleenor’s best days in public in the past have been at one end of a K-9 dog leash.  O’Connor is smooth, articulate, and an accomplished public speaker.  

The voters will speak at the ballot box unless Cameron’s Commanders and Fritz want to go online and remove all available digital copies of this newspaper prior to voters going to the polls.  This message is for the Keystone Cops: Pull out those credit cards, go online at Amazon and go to work, you bozos, you can do it again.

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