CRIME AND DECLINE IN LP CITY Arrest made of Jarvis Carter for the attempted murder of Danicco Hall; Terrell Duckett caught by fleetfooted flatfoots in race through the woods with gun and 76 rounds of ammo

LEXINGTON PARK, MD – The man who allegedly fired several shots and critically injured Danicco Hall at the Queen Anne Apartments on Great Mills Road just before 5 pm on April 28, 2022, was captured and charged by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Wimberly on April 30, 2022.  Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that Jarvis Joseph Carter, (DOB 7/16/1979) is in the slammer at the Hotel St. Mary’s being held without bond on charges of attempted murder and felony firearm violations.

Witnesses and neighbors rushed to the aid of the victim, according to one resident, and applied pressure to the wounds as EMT and deputies arrived within three minutes of the emergency call.

  • Attempted First Degree Murder
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder
  • Assault First and Second Degree
  • Handgun on Person
  • Firearm Use/Felony-Violent Crime

Carter has listed various addresses when arrested in the past including the Taco Bell/KFC in Leonardtown and the McDonalds in California, Md, indicating that he may be vigilant about arriving for work as he appears to be sleeping amongst the burgers, the tacos, and the wings.  When being tracked down and hauled into court to pay his Rooster fees, he has provided an address of Bushwood City Road in Bushwood.  One such court hearing was dismissed when DNA results showed that he must not have been in the henhouse on the night of the crime.

Other encounters with the Child Support Enforcement office didn’t go as well and on April 9, 2019, Carter entered a guilty plea to child neglect in St. Mary’s District Court and received a suspended sentence.

In a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz, charges of malicious property destruction and second-degree assault were put on the Stet Docket on April 29, 2019.

On May 8, 2019, a protective order sought in St. Mary’s District Court in allegation of domestic violence was dismissed with the victim failed to appear.

Terrell Duckett was not too fleet of feet and was caught by flatfoots hoofing it after him in the woods of Lexington Park, Md.

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that on April 26, 2022, at 3:06 p.m. deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 21400 block of Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, for the reported man with a gun observed near a business. Deputies arrived on the scene and the individual fled into the woods, behind the business. A perimeter was established, and the individual was located in the woods and observed by deputies to be armed with a handgun. The individual, later identified as Terrell Anthony Duckett, 26 of Lexington Park, was ordered to drop the weapon and he complied. A loaded handgun was recovered with no make, model, or serial number commonly referred to as a “ghost gun.” Duckett was wearing a backpack when he was taken into custody and located in the backpack were an additional 76 rounds of ammunition.

Duckett was arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Leonardtown. Duckett was charged with the following:

Firearm-Possession with Felony Conviction

Regulated Firearm-Illegal Possession

Loaded Handgun on Person

Handgun on Person

Illegal Possession of Ammunition

Duckett was also served an outstanding theft warrant. When Duckett arrived at the detention center, suspected marijuana was located on his person and he was subsequently charged with Possession of Contraband at the Place of Confinement.

Duckett remains incarcerated at the St. Mary’s County Jail on a no-bond status.  A “ghost gun” is a privately made firearm without a commercially applied serial number, rendering the weapon untraceable.

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