EDUCATION – NOT INDOCTRINATION – Commentary by Vernon Gray


Is “woke” (leftist ideology) indoctrination occurring in the St. Mary’s County Public Schools? Yes. For example, School Site Equity Diversity Achievement Leaders are “located at every school to support the school-wide and system implementation of education equity, multicultural education, diversity and inclusion awareness, appreciations, and celebrations.”

Teachers are indoctrinated through Equity Diversity Professional Development staff presentations “focused on educational equity, to include cultural responsiveness, culturally relevant teaching, implicit and explicit bias, and disability awareness to deliver culturally proficient instruction.”

“Culturally Relevant Teaching” – a correlative of critical race theory – “empowers students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically by using cultural referents to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes.”

Recently, PFLAG Leonardtown conducted a class for public school administrators and teachers on LGBTQ+ classroom inclusion, terminology, pronouns, and practical strategies, which the teachers’ union described as “An amazing opportunity!” Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – 101 for children.

The teachers’ union’s election questionnaire states, “We believe educators should have professional autonomy and should be afforded the deference to teach the truth in their classrooms, schools, and districts.” In other words, as teachers see fit without any outside interference. How many are teaching the debunked “1619 Project” and portraying it as the truth?

Instead of teaching children their “ABC’s” the schools are teaching “D-E-I” – diversity, equity, inclusion. Instead of teaching children to be color-blind the schools are teaching children to be color-conscious because otherwise “children cannot be aware of racism and their complicity.” Instead of human physiology, the schools are teaching the social construct of gender identity. Instead of critical thinking, the schools are teaching groupthink and political correctness.

The board of education is complicit as not one of its members has expressed any concerns or opposition. They have played the role of fellow-travelers or useful idiots to the superintendent of schools. They have succumbed to the misconception that “educators know best” and become subservient to the teachers’ union. They have fulfilled Mark Twain’s observation that “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards.”

The most important elected officials in America today are the members of school boards, presuming they act in good faith to protect children from the school system, including its failure to teach children to proficiently read and write. Without accountability, education is an occupation, not a profession, in which there is no penalty for failure, except for the children.

What is needed on the St. Mary’s County Board of Education is at least one member who will just say “No” to indoctrination instead of education. Of the three board of education election candidates, Dorothy Andrews is the advocate needed to represent parents.

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