ELECTION 2022 Fritz’s benefactor Reginald Alston was put on probation by Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission for illegally possessing plants, and making false statements after St. Mary’s Sheriff seized 760 pot plants; no problem, gave Fritz $6,000



Not long before Richard Fritz’s political campaign, geared to win him another term as St. Mary’s States Attorney, bagged a $6,000 donation from Reginald Alston, Alston’s firm, Seven Points Agro-Therapeautics LLC, was notified that its Stage Two application for a medical cannabis grower license was denied. The action was taken due to various violations of Section 9(b) of House Bill 2, enacted in 2018. 

The Seven Points firm appealed the decision and asked for an administrative hearing and a Case Resolution Conference which was held on April 9, 2021.

Fritz decided not to prosecute the firm when the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s narcotics investigators seized 760 marijuana plants from the Abell Maryland Pot Factory, and now they are buddies after sending in a check to help Fritz stave off a challenge from Jaymi Sterling in the GOP primary election on July 19, 2022.

Reginald Alston has been associated with multiple marijuana grow operations in Maryland since 2015 and formed a trade association to lobby Maryland legislators, hired two major media consultants and an important Baltimore law firm.

The following are the Findings of Fact, which reveal that Seven Points cooked up fraudulent invoices to support their claim that the marijuana plants seized by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department were hemp.

Seven Points (Alston) Lied, Misled Omitted, Provided Untruths to Commission about Wheeling & Dealing in Pot Factory and Seven Points Ownership Swaps


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