ELECTION 2022 Cuckoo Crosby Lectured His Opponent For Being Unprepared To Be Elected Delegate Since She Was Challenged By Task Of Campaign Finance Form Filings

Another Round of Leftist Controlled Candidate Forums – the lame GOP leadership of St. Mary’s County, starting right with the members of the Republican Central Committee, should be ashamed of themselves. The leader of the Republican Women’s Club, the St. Mary’s Republican Party, and the Central Committee failed to throw down the gauntlet and demand participation by the GOP in the arrangements, instead of leaving the control, format, and technical aspects of the forums to the leftists – who are proving on a national level they would screw up a one-car funeral.

The Democrats in St. Mary’s can’t fill out a candidate slate for their own Central Committee due to being a bunch of fruitcakes, nutcases, and mental midgets. 

The leftists submitted questions to the Republican candidates about the ‘Jan. 6 Insurrection’ (where in the world was an insurrection where they didn’t bring guns?), Is Joe Biden the legitimately elected president, and so forth? None of those Nancy Pelosi drumbeat questions had anything to do with the local challenges of government. They should never have been allowed to be presented to the candidates, but the wingnuts of the left were running the show.  

The corruption of the June 15 candidate forum where three critical minutes of the Sterling-Fritz faceoff were edited out and not presented to over 800 viewers of the debate on the St. Mary’s Library YouTube channel should be investigated, and those responsible taken out in front of the library and forced to wash the feet of the bums living in the nearby hobo camp.

Cuckoo Crosby

The Democrats are simply loons at every level of government. A real chucklehead leads the Drip Factor in St. Mary’s County, Cuckoo Brian Crosby, who made a zoom appearance at the Lexington Park Library candidate forum on June 22, 2022, that made him look like he was a ghost being projected on the side of a barn at Halloween in a format designed to scare trick or treaters. Women need to pay strict attention to how liberal progressive Loony Democrats treat women with Crosby’s condescending manner towards Valarie Dove-Swaringer, his opponent in the Democratic Primary for House of Delegates District 29-B.    

One question posed to both candidates asked if each candidate had filed campaign finance reports.

“Have all your campaign finance reports been filed on time, and have you been assessed any fines for not filing on time?”

Crosby was asked to answer first and then his natural ability as a rude elitist anxious to show off his immense skills as a veteran of four long and productive years as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates took over, and he answered for Dove-Swaringer as well. Crosby did so with a heavy dose of his virtue signaling, a stern lecture for his opponent, and her apparent lack of skills involving filling out forms for the election office.

Crosby: “Yes, this is something that I think is extraordinarily serious, and we have never been late on a campaign finance report, uh, it is the most basic function needed that you to do as a candidate, uh, my opponent has missed multiple times filing and has over a thousand dollars in fines and subsequently, one should not seek office If you can’t navigate the basic rules to run for office, How can we expect her to navigate the complexities of government in Annapolis, uh, I think it is also worth mentioning that she hasn’t necessarily voted in the past so how can someone ask for your vote if she hasn’t voted herself, as a candidate I have filed all my filings on time and it should be that way across the board.”

Dove-Swaringer: “I am new to this. And I do take it very seriously, and I had some issues in the filing.”

Crosby offered the excuse that he had Covid, strep throat, and maybe his grandmother died, and the dog ate his homework as to why he had to zoom for the debate. 

After the thrashing Crosby gave the black woman pastor who dares to oppose him in the Democratic Primary, his behavior shows that the pronouncements he has been making for the past two years about how districts for legislature and county commissioners should be equitable to allow people of color to win are just a bunch of liberal baloney.

Crosby never actually believed he would be opposed by a black female who said at the debate that she believes we have enough gun laws and need to enforce the ones we have – as well as lock up offenders instead of returning them to the community to commit more crimes.  

Pastor Dove-Swaringer clearly does not think or speak in the progressive-socialist language of Crosby, and it is unthinkable to the Cuckoo Crosby that voters would dare to elect someone who can’t fathom the complexities of the campaign finance forms.

The dingbats of the sponsoring groups of the candidate forum at the Lexington Park Librarythe League of Women Voters, the NAACP, and the Center for Democracy at St. Mary’s College – never attempted to fix the audio problems of the microphone used by Pastor Dove-Swaringer and the speakers who came after her, making it painful to listen.

Crosby is more concerned about being a delegate who is in tune with his fellow liberal-socialists representing the loony Democrat areas of Maryland than representing St. Mary’s County. Only the specter of the fringe and bizarre behavior of Deb Rey can get Crosby another term IF Dove-Swaringer doesn’t’ whack him in the primary. Dove-Swaringer demonstrated she is a thoughtful and principled leader, and Crosby proved he is an arrogant jerk.

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