The Republican primary candidates, St. Mary’s County Commissioner Todd Morgan and General Timothy Gowen provide strong contrast for the voters.

Morgan began his professional career in business in Lexington Park, participated in the formation and growth of a home-grown small defense contractor along with two other entrepreneurs, and established a varied and extensive record of contributing to youth sports, education, and community service. Todd Morgan contested the race for county commissioner from District Four and won in 2010. Morgan won again, twice more, and now is term-limited. When a commissioner serves three terms in office, a record is built, with various failures and successes, as this is the human condition. 

St. Mary’s County and the Lexington Park/California area have seen significant change, prosperity and decline, and a significant rise in crime. Morgan has supported annual budgetary expenditures in law enforcement, road projects, and education. Like the boards of commissioners before Morgan’s terms, the completion of FDR Blvd. remains a cruel joke and an elusive promise of relief for congestion – as well as a monument to government failures.

No one understands more than Todd Morgan the failure of law enforcement to use motorcycles for traffic enforcement for red-light runners and speeders on Rt. 235 rather than toys to bring out for parades and as traffic escorts for funerals.

General Gowen was looking past the end of the Hogan years in Annapolis and spotted the coming vacancy in the House of Delegates as Jerry Clark ends his non-descript years. 

Gowen has an admirable military background and has excelled at being anonymous for twenty-five years. Knocking on doors to introduce himself was completely necessary as no one has seen this guy before, and he needs to thank Todd Morgan for appearing at the candidate forum at the Lexington Park Library so viewers could meet the General for the first time.

 Gowen’s claim that he is a small business owner is an insult to those who have struggled to keep their head above water over the last three years as executive orders rendered in Annapolis shut down businesses, some forever, while Walmart and liquor stores remained open. General Gowen proudly says he mucks stalls in his stable where riding lessons are provided in what may be creating a tax shelter out of a hobby on his waterfront estate.

Perhaps the General may wish to participate in more activities in the community as he looks to the future where he may have a chance to be of value in other ways than his honorable service in the National Guard. Many groups could prosper from his leadership skills. Voters should choose a leader who they know and who knows the community that he or she wishes to represent. It is nice that the General decided to use his GPS to find the homes of so many folks to let them know he is the right one to send to Annapolis.

The difference between the General and the Commissioner is that Todd Morgan can navigate his way around Calvert and St. Mary’s without a GPS. Todd Morgan has been there from Buzzy’s in Ridge to Fitzies in Compton to Sandgates Inn on the Patuxent, to Potomac Gardens in Colton’s Point. Morgan knows folks and their problems and won’t need a PowerPoint presentation from a bureaucrat or a staffer to explain issues of taxes, zoning, and growth proposals as he ponders solutions that may be found in legislation in Annapolis.

Todd Morgan has the perspective to see above the crowd of political confusion in the sea of liberal dominance in the Maryland General Assembly and the backbone to ensure that his constituents’ views are heard.

Vote for Todd Morgan for District 29-C in the Maryland House of Delegates.

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