ELECTION 2022 ENDORSEMENTS: St Mary’s County Commissioner Districts 1-3 Seats

ELECTION 2022 ENDORSEMENTS: St Mary’s County Commissioner District Seats

The Unprepared Will Be Better Choices Than Those Committed to Big Spending

In 2018, St. Mary’s County voters selected an all-Republican Board of Commissioners. Starting on July 7, the Republicans of St. Mary’s County can decide if the three incumbents running for another four-year term on the Board deserve the votes of the citizens. No independents or Democrats may be allowed to cast their ballots for these positions in the GOP primary.

Democrats have a scant choice with only one race that is contested and all others that have collected a small number of folks not as sane as a Junebug.

Just thirty years ago, there were around 20,000 Democrats and less than 5,000 Republicans, and thanks to growth, and moves of more than 20,000 new workers at Pax River, the GOP has seen huge gains.

Many Democrats, embarrassed by the nut jobs in the national and state Democratic Party who do not represent their values, have changed to the Republican Party. Some Republicans have sought to move from the tax-hell of Maryland for more friendly vistas such as Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Who the hell ever heard of anyone retiring and moving to the north where the weather is cold and the taxes are high?

Recent candidate forums sponsored by the leftist groups at the Lexington Park library were not cosponsored by the Republican Central Committee or Republican clubs. 

Still, though the GOP candidates were peppered by loony leftist questions that have nothing to do with the St. Mary’s County issues, challenges, and problems, those questions were brilliant reminders of how out of touch the loons of the St. Mary’s County Democratic Party have become.

The choice of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY for Commissioner President in St. Mary’s County has already been published for the benefit and consideration of our readers.

Now it is time to note the attributes of the brave souls who offer themselves up for public scrutiny for elected posts that are important to the community and the continued health and prosperity of everyone. All who run for the first time or offer themselves for another term are to be congratulated. Those currently holding office have amassed records of failure and success.

The most glaring success is that of meeting the legitimate emergency of providing EMS services at a time of health crisis where older rescue squad members could no longer participate safely due to their own vulnerability to the wicked Wuhan Virus released upon the world by Communist China.

Two massive failures are that of allowing the Pot Factory to be dumped in the quiet rural residential area of the Abell community near Canoe Neck Creek in the Seventh District. Of the three incumbents running for reelection, Eric Colvin, Randy Guy, and Mike Hewitt, two were also on the Board that held office between 2014 and 2018, which oversaw the seeds of the eventual siting of the Pot Factory.

Colvin gained the stain of the Pot Factory when he glibly slid in and out of commissioner’s meetings each week and failed to avail himself of the ample opportunities in the wild world of internet media to warn the public of the looming industrial operation being foisted upon Abell. Colvin joined Guy, Hewitt, Todd Morgan, and John O’Connor in presiding over the county operations from 2018 to this year. A month ago, following scathing criticism of their dismal failure, the Board sent through the Planning Commission zoning rules, which allegedly may prevent another Pot Factory from being dumped in yet another residential neighborhood.

Allowing any of these marijuana facilities is just dumb and placing them in a residential neighborhood is entirely absurd. 

Morgan and O’Connor escape the cleaver of public anger because neither is running again for the term of county commissioner and aspire to other elected offices. The electorate must judge those offices on the available choices and the challenges ahead. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY has already taken a position on Todd Morgan in his quest to be a member of the House of Delegates in District 29-B for the reasons stated for the consideration of our readers. An endorsement in the St. Mary’s Sheriff election is on the way.

The three incumbent Republicans have presided over an unprecedented expansion of spending and lined up a public debt that will loom over the future taxpayers like the sword of Damocles. Colvin talks and walks like a Democrat, and Guy and Hewitt, who both switched from Democrats to Republicans not too long ago, spend money like Democrats. The best example is their support for a $26 million Sheriff’s Palace in Leonardtown after blowing $6 million on a secure deputies’ restroom facility on Great Mills Road.

For those who are surprised that the Pot Factory was cited on a waterfront farm, without as much as a single public hearing, public review committee, or any participation in the decision, the Three Big Cheeses who want your vote once more learned that after putting a Sheriff’s Palace in the capital budget and allowing the Pot Factory to be placed in a critical area, without any public purview, they can get away with any damn thing they please.

Voters have alternatives.

Roy Alvey at Golden Beach Parade. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Roy Alvey shows he has all the sense one needs to raise and provide for his family, and putting those attributes to play when sitting as one of the members of the Board of Commissioners; he will do just fine. Our readers are invited to consider electing Roy Alvey to replace Eric Colvin. Alvey has enough experience not to be bamboozled the way Colvin has done and is young enough to serve the voters for four years.

Mike Alderson Jr. is well-rounded in his life experience, learned a trade in the tech center, and has excelled in a management position in a bustling business. Elizabeth O’Connor has equal qualities serving a career from she has retired as a St. Mary’s Deputy Sheriff. There is an excellent argument to make that including who would only become the sixth woman in history to be elected commissioner, as well as including the role of those who have learned the life of law officers from the inside, has value. Both are well-qualified and respectable candidates. The weight of recommendation swings to Alderson because Elizabeth O’Connor has a pending lawsuit against St. Mary’s County over serious allegations involving disgusting actions in the Sheriff’s Department. Therefore, she can’t bring legal action against the same people whom she wishes to represent. 

Mike Alderson Jr. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Our readers can be assured that both candidates are worthy and are recommended to cast their ballots for Mike Alderson Jr.

Mike Hewitt is a homegrown business talent rising from the ranks of grease monkey working to keep sailors and workers at Pax River driving vehicles that are functioning and filled with gas to a wide-ranging rental and large repair facility. Hewitt’s pronouncements that he was against the Pot Factory are less than convincing since he sits on the Critical Area Commission.

Marcus Drake, THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Marcus Drake is not an average guy in that he served in the United States Army and retired, became an independent truck driver operator owner, and learned to make his business work rolling down America’s highways delivering commerce and commodities that were just as important as the services provided by Hewitt’s businesses. Marcus Drake says he would make different decisions in the future from those taken by Mike Hewitt in Democrat-like spending and borrowing. Thank Mike Hewitt for his participation in St. Mary’s County. 

Readers of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY are invited to give Marcus Drake their votes and cast their ballots for his election.

District Four Commissioner Endorsement Coming Soon

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