Mike Tyson & Richard Fritz discuss rape. 2002


A qualified prosecutor, professional in every way, is the best way to explain who Jaymi Sterling is to the readers of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY and why those readers who vote in St. Mary’s County should cast their ballots to elect her to the post of States Attorney.

Aside from the clown show that presently is presided over by the existing occupant of that office is a collection of prosecutors who rarely do any work while collecting fat salaries. Why? Because they can get away with it and know their boss won’t make them do any actual work.

 Many of those staffers are collecting plea deals. One of those Fritz-appointed prosecutors is even in the real estate business with one of the local criminal defense attorneys. That attorney never has to do any real trial business as he simply calls across the street to his partner and orders up the deal he needs for his newest client.

Jaymi Sterling has pointed out the corruption in the office of States Attorney and quit her post rather than remain Deputy States Attorney.  Fritz then appointed her replacement, Dan White, which should have been dismissed, given what Fritz says is simply about a family feud instead of what Dan White’s legal peril is really about – criminal conduct.

Fritz has lost two elections thus far in his career; one to his former boss, States Attorney Walter B. Dorsey, in 1994, and the other when he ran against sitting Circuit Court Judge Karen Abrams in 2004. On July 19th, voters should give Fritz the third strike.

More recent residents of St. Mary’s County can simply learn what Fritz is all about, and they can learn about why Jaymi Sterling will make a better prosecutor and an efficient administrator and never again tolerate a half dozen high-paid attorneys to sit around and do nothing while fleecing the taxpayer in a desk-bound version of Grand Theft Shyster.

Once voters learn Fritz’s actual criminal background, ask yourself if you still may vote for Fritz. Would you do so if he participated in gang rape of your 15-year-old daughter? That is what he pleaded guilty to doing in Circuit Court. Those who know the facts and still vote for Fritz learn quite a bit about themselves.

Jaymi Sterling brings to bear an excellent background in law, an appreciation of the county that is her home, and the ability to perform in an outstanding and masterful administration of applying justice to the cases that reach her office.

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