ST. MARY’S CRIME: 2 shot, Syncere Kovey Smith dead at Hollywood Fire Dept. Carnival Warfare -Devron Murray of Crime-Town LP City charged with murder, two sent to hospital; Cameron says crime is under control…

ST. MARY’S CRIME: 2 shot at Hollywood Fire Dept. Carnival Warfare -Sheriff reports Syncere Kovey Smith DEAD, one in custody, two sent to hospital.


UPDATE: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron, who says crime is under control, reports that on July 15, 2022, multiple Sheriff’s Office deputies and other public safety personnel were already in attendance at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department at 24801 Three Notch Road in Hollywood. At 10:57 pm, several gunshots were heard coming from the carnival’s parking lot, and deputies and public safety personnel immediately responded.
A 16-year-old male victim, Syncere Kovey Smith, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Smith was transported to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown, where he later
succumbed to his injuries. Another man was struck by a bullet in the leg and was air transported
to an area trauma center.

Numerous witnesses provided a description of the shooter, Devron Ny’Quez Murray, who was located nearby in a matter of minutes at the Birdie’s gas station in Hollywood. A search of the area located a 9mm handgun.
Murray is prohibited from possessing a handgun because of his age.
Preliminary investigation determined that this was not a random act. The incident stems from an
ongoing dispute between two known rival groups of youth offenders.


***Carnival Cancelled Saturday, July 16th and Sunday July 17th***

Due to an incident that occurred on Friday evening in our Parking Lot, the Carnival has been canceled for Saturday, July 16th, and Sunday, July 17th.

On Friday evening at approximately 11 pm, as the Carnival ended and guests were leaving, a shooting occurred in the Upper Parking Lot of the Fire House. Two individuals were found suffering from gunshots wounds and were provided medical treatment immediately by Fire and EMS personnel on the scene. Both patients were transported to the hospital, one via MSP aviation and the second was ground transported by Hollywood EMS.

Our Annual Carnival has been a part of our Fire Department for generations and is a staple to the Hollywood Community. The Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department membership takes great pride in the tradition of the annual carnival. We strive to provide a family-based, safe setting for all citizens to enjoy themselves. The department looks forward to the annual carnival for several reasons, most notably as a means to bring the community together and as the main source of funding as our largest fundraiser.

The incident that took place on Friday evening affected the members of our community and our HVFD Members and their Families that were in attendance at the Carnival at the time of the incident.

We would like to express our sympathy to the entire community which has been affected by this tragedy. All media inquiries can be directed to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office of Public Information.

Additional information referencing the Hollywood VFD Carnival will be forthcoming.


Members of the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department


Sheriff Tim Cameron says that one victim from last night’s shooting at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department has died. The second victim is still hospitalized. An arrest has been made, and a press release is forthcoming after completion of the charging documents.

A heavy police presence is always at local carnivals and the St. Mary’s Fair as shown in this photo from a Hollywood Carnival.


St Mary’s Commissioner President Randy Guy interview with WUJSA 9 news anchor Bruce Johnson at the scene of the 2018 murder in Great Mills High School.

Board of Commissioners quick to add their take in an unusual press release issued within hours of shooting at Hollywood Carnival – unlike crickets after Lexington Park murders – finally Randy Guy shows up on the campaign trail…

People scrambled to take cover at the Carnival, with several people suffering scrapes and bruising after being shoved and falling to escape the gunfire at the Hollywood Carnival.

LEONARDTOWN, MD – The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County wish to extend their sincere condolences to the victims, families, and witnesses of Friday night’s shooting at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Carnival. “To the victims’ families, we express our sorrow and promise to stand with you in the coming days. To those who were at the carnival and witnessed the terrible events, our hearts go out to you. We will pray for comfort for you and our entire community this time. We will also stand with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and all law enforcement members to ensure full justice is brought to bear. This is a difficult time, and we know there will be more difficult days ahead; as a community, we will navigate through this with compassion and determination,” said Commissioner President Randy Guy.

HEWITT posted the following and then provided a more detailed account later, shown below

Mike Hewitt posted this about-the-Hollywood-Homicide, a bit tone-deaf,-on his campaign Facebook page following-the-arrest-of-the-alleged-killer.


Elaine and I worked the Carnival last night at the Hollywood Firehouse. She’s Chaplain for the Ladies Auxiliary and if I want to see her during Carnival time I need to show up and work too. No politics last night, just volunteering for a great cause and supporting the Firehouse and our community. We were there when the shooting took place and were eyewitnesses to the situation.

I’d just walked her to her car and was getting to my truck when several (5-7) loud gun shots rang out. About fifty yards from the noise, I looked over to see many people starting to run towards the Bingo and Cook Buildings. Several people fell in the stampede and panic that ensued. Called Sheriff Cameron’s cell and he answered immediately. Gave him details and he promised to call me right back. Less than 30 seconds later he called and said it was a shooting and police were on the way.

The Police Officers who were at the Carnival were on the scene of the shooting seconds after it happened. Saw a young man being carried to the Bingo building by two others and could see another person laying on the ground in the parking lot with Police, EMT’s and Firemen attending to him. Many young men removed their shirts for some unknown reason and fighting broke out. It was a very scary and emotional situation. Walked over to where the EMT’s were putting the person in the ambulance and noticed blood on the pavement and Police arriving through all the entry points.

The Police response was very fast, within minutes, and those on the scene were professional and handled everything as would be expected. They calmed and controlled the crowd. Emotions ran high as several friends and family of the people shot were reacting with anger and distress. The professionals on the scene made the right decisions and did a great job.

As the County Commissioner for the Hollywood/Leonardtown District this incident had a profound impact on me, everyone present and our entire community. Now is not the time to politicize this and make it about people running for Office. It is a time for leadership and taking responsibility for how we move forward. Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and especially the young man killed. We need to grieve for them and hold the person responsible accountable. The gun and the shooter were found and captured within minutes and that speaks to the professionalism of the Sheriff’s Department and the State Police. Our thanks goes out to those who ran towards the gun shots, helped the victims and arrested the person responsible. We need to thank them for doing their job and protecting us. God Bless them.

According to reports posted on social media by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department, two people were shot at the Hollywood Fire Department Carnival at about eleven o’clock on Friday July 15, 2022. Sheriff Tim Cameron said he can confirm two victims were shot at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department and have been transported to area hospitals. At 11:53 pm, Sheriff Cameron reported that the scene is secure and updates will be provided as the investigation progresses. One person of interest has been detained. The Hollywood Firehouse was in use for the past week for early voting until July 14th which was the last day for those wishing to get their ballots cast before Election Day on July 19.

Republican St. Mary’s Commissioner candidate Roy Alvey, left, with radical convert BJ Hall who many say was put into the GOP commissioner race as a schill by Del. Brian Crosby, waving, and GOP candidate Scott Ostrow at right at the Hollywood firehouse early voting center at Hollywood VFD. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

The heated election in the Republican Primary between St. Mary’s Commissioner John O’Connor facing off against two deputies for the post of Sheriff has featured the out-of-control crime and gunfire in St. Mary’s County, making the Carnival Warfare quite an ending chapter in the election.

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  • St. Mary's Sheriff Dave Zylak, with the fresh bean on his head from his wife's rolling pin, begs Commissioners to give him money for a raise for his top civilian manager - his wife.

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