MURDER USA: Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department postpones resumption of carnival until police can get their act together to keep gangs of thugs from Lexington Park from bringing blood feuds to the annual family event

Why doesn’t Sheriff Cameron send out all the desk jockeys who work 9 to 5 weekdays to the carnival to keep the public safe?

St.-Marys-Deputies-ready-for-shoplifters for Black Friday each year at shopping centers.

Southern Md. Police Beat / St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron sending out full deployment of deputies for Black Friday shoplifters

GHETTO GUNMEN: CRIME AND DECLINE: Nathan Allen Nabbed with Loaded Gun in Crime Town

RIME AND DECLINE: Cops on the go in Lexington Park every day.

CRIME AND DECLINE IN LEXINGTON PARK: Tyquan Wills gets free air and free hotel in Baltimore trauma unit

LEXINGTON PARK CRIME AND DECLINE: Wild and Wooly – Robberies and Mayhem by Wahoo’s of Sin City break up the monotony of Wuhan Virus Crisis

CRIME AND DECLINE IN LP CITY Arrest made of Jarvis Carter for the attempted murder of Danicco Hall; Terrell Duckett caught by fleetfooted flatfoots in race through the woods with gun and 76 rounds of ammo

Crime & Decline in Sin City: Cops seek hoodlums wanted for exchanging gunfire in Lexington Park night-fight and flight – SEE VIDEO OF GUNFIRE

RIME TOWN L.P. CITY: Maryland State Police Target Criminal Activity, Drug Use In St. Mary’s County

MURDER USA: Gunshots End Life of Thug Antione Jamal Bowman in Pegg Road Neighborhood

  • Wendell-Ignatius-Ford-Jr.-29-of-Lexington-Park-was-in-possession-of-a-white-powdery-substance-while-on-the-home-detention-program

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