POT FACTORY BLUES: Weed Kings held a public hearing for supplicants to beg for relief from a massive marijuana facility deposited in their residential neighborhood in critical area; question: do any of the commissioners live near the Pot Factory? Question: are any of the commissioners’ investors in the whacky tobaccy deal?


Highlights include Francy Eagan, Victoria Brown, and Robert T. Brown

Charles Mattingly conveyed property that contains the Pot Factory to Blue Griz LLC, a Wyoming firm with an address in Texas for $1.5 million on Oct. 30, 2021.

After Charlie Mattingly sold the property, St. Mary’s County Land Use & Growth Management allowed him to purchase four TDR’s (Transfer Development Rights) at a cost of $21,600

Background Issues to be Aware of: Following the Commissioners’ request that the Planning Commission consider a text amendment for future medical cannabis facilities, the Planning Commission held a public hearing to discuss a proposed text amendment on May 9, 2022, with further discussion continued to June 6. County staff, following research and investigation of the industry and a survey of approaches taken by Maryland’s other jurisdictions, prepared a draft text amendment regulating the siting of future medical cannabis uses. With some modifications, the original draft ordinance was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission on June 6. 

The ordinance proposes three new cannabis uses in the Zoning Ordinance: Medical Cannabis Growing Facility, Medical Cannabis Processor, and  Medical Cannabis Dispensary; definitions for new terms; the zoning districts where these uses will be allowed; general standards, including, at a minimum, 500 feet of separation from property lines of any residences, schools, daycares, or substance abuse treatment facilities for medical cannabis growers and processors; 500 feet of separation from property lines of any schools, daycares, or substance abuse treatment facilities for medical cannabis dispensaries; abatement of offensive odors and other nuisances; and both general site plan approval (including, in most cases, concept plan approval from the Planning Commission) and, in every case, conditional use approval from the Board of Appeals. 
The proposed new use types fall within the county’s industrial class of uses for medical cannabis growers and processors, and the commercial class for dispensaries. As amended by the Planning Commission, the proposed text amendment allows medical cannabis growers and processors in the following zoning districts: 

1.    Mixed-use high intensity (MXH)
2.    Limited Commercial Industrial (LCI)
3.    Industrial (I)

A medical cannabis dispensary is a retail store for the sale of medical cannabis products. Medical cannabis dispensaries will be allowed in the following zoning districts: 

1.    Rural Service Center (RSC)

2.    Rural Commercial Limited (RCL)

3.    Town Center Mixed Use (TMX)

4.    Corridor Mixed Use (CMX)

5.    Low Intensity Mixed Use (MXL)

6.    Medium Intensity Mixed Use (MXM)

7.    High Intensity Mixed Use (MXH)

At the CSMC meeting of June 28, 2022, the Commissioners voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on July 26, 2022, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Chesapeake Building.

Stakeholders and Notification: Land Use and Growth Management has contact information for many County residents who have communicated with the Commissioners, Planning Commissioners, or staff on this issue. Notice of the public hearing with the CSMC was sent to all residents who provided legible contact information. Several residents, those in opposition and those in favor, attended the Commissioners’ Public Forum of April 12, 2022. Residents who provided legible contact information on the Public Forum sign-in sheets are among those who were sent notice of the public hearing.  Sign-in sheets from the public hearing held by the Planning Commission have also been preserved, and all residents who provided legible contact information were sent notice of the public hearing.

Click  HERE for Staff Memorandum for Public Hearing CSMC Meeting of July 26, 2022

Click Here for Proposed Text Amendment

Click HERE for Staff Report dated May 9, 2022, for Public Hearing for Proposed Text Amendments Relating to Medical Cannabis Use Types

Click HERE for Updated Staff Report dated June 6, 2022, for Public Hearing for Proposed Text Amendments Relating to Medical Cannabis Use Types

Click HERE for PowerPoint

Click Here for Legal Ad

Public Comment – Dameron 072622 

Drone Day 1

Drone Evening 1

Drone Evening 2

blue_griz_articles_jpg.jpg (795 KB)
blue_griz_deptofassessment.jpg (373 KB)
blue_griz_mdbusinessexpress.jpg (251 KB)
blue_griz_startup_wyoming.jpg (478 KB)
bluegriz_articles_wyoming.pdf (1,467 KB)
bluegriz_wyoming_filing.pdf (75 KB)
changeofprincipal_relief.pdf (595 KB)
DJI_0018_Moment.jpg (3,153 KB)IMG_2127.MOV (1,129 KB)Ownership_and_Control_Requirements_Updated_10.15.2020docx.pdf (391 KB)p172613.tif (327 KB)relief_resolutiontransfer.jpg (277 KB)
smc_critical1.png (2,149 KB)smc_critical1.jpg (667 KB)
7.26.22 Public Comment – Rathbone.pdf (1,067 KB)
7.26.22 Sign In sheets.pdf (1,940 KB)

The full public hearing includes a surprise presentation by Anthony Dameron with a slide show of possible illegal acts of the owners of the Pot Factory with sidestepping the law governing Medical Marijuana Grow sale of stock without approvals.

Sheila Milburn asks at the hearing if future such uses for Critical Area will require a public hearing.


What is next for the Abell community now that citizens realize their county commissioners are clearly incompetent? In the video below, a county in California is being swamped by illegal growers.

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