GUNFIRE GHETTO MOVING NORTH ON RT. 235: Unknown gunmen shot up black barbershop and Dollar Tree; cops scramble; California Post Office closed as a crowd gathered to watch investigators

GUNFIRE GHETTO MOVING NORTH ON RT. 235: Unknown gunmen shot up black barbershop and Dollar Tree; cops scramble; California Post Office closed as a crowd gathered to watch investigators

CALIFORNIA, MD. – Just one week after St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron was announced as the new commander Colonel of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, more mayhem and Ghetto-Gunfire exploded in a St. Mary’s County prime commercial center just after high noon – likely making the crime-challenged Sheriff glad to be fleeing Maryland.

St.-Marys-Crime-Scene-techs-prepare-to-mark-evidence-as-they-photograph-the-shooting-scene-at-San-Souci shopping center next to the California Post Office. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos

 In 2022, St. Mary’s County gained its first murder in history at a fire department carnival, and a murder resulted from two rival gangs of drug dealers shooting at each other on Pegg Road just two miles from the shopping center shooting on October 18, 2022.

Maryland-State-Troopers-enter-the-Dollar-Tree-at-San-Souci-just-after-the-gunfire-struck-the-store, blasting out the door glass. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos


One week earlier, several men drove up to the Who Got Next barbershop in San Souci Plaza, recently renamed Patuxent Crossing, and made a hand-to-hand exchange, typical of drug transactions, with two men sitting in roller chairs outside the entrance to the establishment. The barber shop opened up in a space formerly occupied by a beauty salon which was a casualty of the Maryland executive-ordered shutdowns during the Wuhan Virus, which allowed liquor stores and big box stores to stay open.

The-two-front-doors-of-Dollar-Tree-and-the-Barber-Shop-at-San-Souci. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos

On October 18, 2022, a brilliantly sunny afternoon in the waning days of Indian Summer, one or more gunmen blasted the shop and the next-door dollar store with as many as two dozen shots, breaking window glass and, according to Sheriff Tim Cameron, failing to injure anyone inside.

Cameron reports that on October 18, 2022, at 12:47 p.m., deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department answered emergency calls at the San Souci Plaza/Patuxent Crossing in California for the reported shots fired into two stores.

 Deputies arrived at the busy shopping center within two minutes.

St. Mary’s Sheriff Department detectives rushed to the scene of the shooting rampage to learn what happened and to figure out the identity of the perpetrators. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos

 They found that the stores had been struck by ‘projectiles,’ a fancy word for referring to bullets fired by hoodlums at places where they have unfortunate business relationships. The businesses and surrounding establishments were checked, and no victims were located on the scene, but a wounded warrior soon called in from elsewhere.

Not a safe place to be doing business or going to the Post Office. Crime scene markers show more than two dozen bullet fragments.

A perimeter was established by the fearless Fosdicks using about a year’s worth of crime scene tape to block off most of the parking lot that serves the center and the post office.

Dozens-of-gunshots-sprayed-the-front-of-the-black-barber-shop-and-the-Dollar-Tree. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Two Maryland State Troopers responded and entered the Dollar Tree while St. Mary’s Sheriff crime lab personnel took photographs inside the barber shop and in the parking lot.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department detectives rushed from their hideout near BJ’s to meet in the parking lot and confer while a crowd gathered outside the taped-off crime scene.

Named as St. Mary’s Sheriff District 3 Station, this building is not open to the public but houses detectives. The St. Mary’s GOP Board of Commissioners purchased the building for over $1,000,000 from the Washington Post after the building lingered on the market for five years. The purchase price was more than $200,000 over the assessed value.

Sheriff Cameron reports that at 1:12 p.m., emergency communications received a report of a victim with a gunshot wound in the 46300 block of Columbus Drive in Lexington Park. Deputies responded and located a male victim with a gunshot wound to the leg. A meatwagon transported the victim to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment.

Columbus Drive is in the heart of the Ghetto area of Lexington Park, with multiple shootings occurring in recent months.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Detective Austin Schultz at (301) 475-4200 extension 71953 or by email at

(Editor’s Note: Many readers report that they never heard of “Patuxent Crossing” shopping center. The St. Mary’s Sheriff press release reported that site was the scene of the shooting instead of the name “San Souci” which has been the name of the shopping center for twenty-five years and was recently renamed by new owners. That is because the radio station and the copy-and-paste websites all simply use whatever the government press releases state. They question nothing, research nothing and simply post what the government hands them.)


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