CHARLES SHERIFF NEWS BEAT: Guns and Drugs Never Deters Whacky Liberal Judge Andrea Watkins from Releasing Violent Criminals; Trinity Lathern Out with Ankle Bracelet

CHARLES SHERIFF NEWS BEAT: Guns and Drugs Never Deter Whacky Liberal Judges from Releasing Violent Criminals; Trinity Lathern Out with Ankle Bracelet

Patrol Officers Recover Stolen Loaded Gun After Ex-Con Ran from Cops

WALDORF, MD. – Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry reports that his patrol officers recovered another ex-con with a loaded gun in Waldorf.

EX-Con With Gun at Wee Hours in Waldorf

Sheriff Berry says that on November 14, 2022, at 1:18 a.m., officers were investigating a suspicious vehicle in the area of Post Office Road and October Place when the occupants were asked to exit the car, at which time a passenger beat feet.

The fleeing man turned out to be a felonious felon, that the flatfoots collared and recovered a loaded firearm in his waistband.

Why does Judge Watkins hate the citizens of Waldorf so much that she keeps releasing dangerous gunmen?

 A computer check revealed the gun was stolen from another state and that the suspect, Trinity Gabriel Lathern, 20, of Waldorf, is prohibited from possessing firearms due to prior criminal convictions and his age.


 Lathern was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, illegal transportation of a firearm, and other related charges. The driver was issued a traffic citation.


 On November 15, 2022, District Court Judge Andrea Watkins ordered Lathern to be released from the Charles County Jail as long as he met electronic monitoring conditions. Lathern will face District Court Judge Kenneth Talley – another whacky judge who lets criminals free to prey on the unsuspecting public – on December 14, 2022, for a preliminary hearing.

Trinity Gabriel Lathern (DOB 10/18/2002) lives at 4385 Rock Court in Waldorf, Md, and was charged by Charles County Sheriff’s Department Officer T. Brown with the eight criminal offenses for which the taxpayers of Maryland will pay for a free public defender as the criminal charges proceed.

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