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Babs and Little Lulu at Sadie Hawkins Dance. 2002
  • Glendening & Schaefer lectures Gov. $pendening on budget deficit 10-31-2001
  • Glendening Ex-Wife & Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer; new Mistress Wanted 2-5-2002
  • LETS MAKE A DEAL! Glendening & Kathleen Kennedy Townsend & Jennifer 12-4-2001
  • $10,000 annual raise for boffing the boss! Not bad for government work with Gov. Parris Glendenning. ST. MARY'S TODAY cartoon drawn by Billy Woodward Jr.
  • Glendening & Jennifer a Shotgun Marriage 3-5-2002
  • Glendening the Luv Guv sees an opportunity to be a leader of me when tornado hit La Plata Md. 4-30-2002
  • Glendening & Jen packed & Leaving 1-7-2003
  • Glendening & Jennifer she is the wind beneath my wings 10-9-2001
  • Never missing an opportunity for political pandering, Steny Hoyer beefs about Bush while Glendening regrets his time at Motel 6 with Jen.
  • Glendening Liar Liar pants on Fire 12-13-2001
  • The liberal Democrats with scandals galore, point the finger at GOP Senator Trent Lott for remarks about Sen. Strom Thurman.
  • Monkey Glendening Cutting into Townsend's lead. 2002 Campaign 5-28-2002
  • Glendening and Jennifer in Chicago Hilton 12-11-2001
  • Glendening Final Divorce Papers
  • Glendening & Schaefer lectures Gov. $pendening on budget deficit 10-31-2001

  • Judge-Raley-laughs-at-Richard-Fritz-for-taking-so-long-to-bring-a-case-to-trial-on-Wendell-Ford
  • St. Mary's Commissioners paid for costs of bringing an Indian from North Carolina to march in the annual Veterans Day Parade in Leonardtown, leading the parade and dancing in costume.
  • Commissioners-carving-Tax-Pumpkin-10-30-2001
  • St. Mary's Commissioners Tommy Hambone McKay-and-Kenny Dement-cooking-up-public-business
  • Babs becomes President of the St. Mary's Commissioners and knows how to keep the Board in the dark.
  • Mike-Hewitt-lectures-citizen-for-sidewalk-for-handicapped-spouse
  • MURDER USA: True Crime, Real Killers, available in Kindle, paperback & Audible
  • Ask for The Gunslinger Lawyer

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