Letter: Let the Voters Continue to Decide; they have a track record of electing minorities without tinkering from Annapolis

Letter: Let the Voters Continue to Decide; they have a track record of electing minorities without tinkering from Annapolis

Letter to the Editor:

I testified virtually yesterday on HB0477.   After waiting hours to get in the Q, and the Bill finally coming to the floor for testimony, Delegate Brian Crosby testified, and so did many in favor of the Bill. When those of us against the Bill testified virtually, I noticed Delegate Crosby was no longer in the room. (Now, We wouldn’t want to hear both sides of a discussion now, would we?)  Please note that Delegate Todd Morgan never left the room. That is what delegates are expected to do. Delegate Todd Morgan, thank you for your genuine interest in the citizens of St. Mary’s County. Both those for and against this Bill.

Also note this Bill does NOT only affect St. Mary’s County but a few of the smaller Counties as well. 

Also, understand this is being proposed again because some feel they are underrepresented and feel minorities do not have a voice. Most are referring to the 4th Commissioner District.

Ribbon cutting of new St. Mary’s Sheriff’s headquarters in 1988 with Del. Ernie Bell (D.), Clerk of the Circuit Court Mary Bell (D.), Del. John Wood (D.), Commissioner President Buddy Loffler (R.) cutting ribbon, Sheriff Wayne Lee Pettit (D.), Leonardtown Council Member Becky Profit, Commissioner Eddie Bailey (D.), Commissioner John Lancaster (D.), Commissioner Rodney Thompson (R.)

Maybe some of you remember that was the District I represented. (Being the FIRST Woman to represent that District and elected in 1994. Women are still minorities)

Former St. Mary’s County Commissioner Frances Eagan.

The Fourth District had the FIRST JEWISH Commissioner, Larry Millison, elected to three four-year terms. (considered a Minority)

The Fourth District had the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN Commissioner for eight years, John Lancaster, who defeated me twice in the General Election in 1986 and again in 1990.

St. Mary’s Commissioner Larry Millison (D. 4th District) with Senator Paul J. Bailey and Senate President Mike Miller. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

We have had a Woman elected President of the Board of Commissioners twice, in 1994 and again in 1998 (one from each Party)

We have had Women elected Commissioners from the 4th, 2nd, and 5th Commissioner Districts.

Commissioners DO NOT PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT AREAS TO HELP! We do our homework, ask for public input from ALL citizens and make informed decisions fairly and honestly.

St. Mary’s County citizens may live in one District, drive through and shop in a different District and work yet in a completely different District, so all Districts impact all Citizens!


I believe a good Candidate can get elected regardless of race, religion, sex, or where they live. Please let Delegate Crosby and the others on the Ways and Means Committee know your feelings and why.

One last thought: isn’t it interesting that when the Democrats were in power in the County, and the Republicans had few or no candidates on the ballot, they didn’t think about the minority (Party) then?

Frances P Eagan, Former County Commissioner 4th District St. Mary’s County

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