GOVERNMENT LIES – all the time and the media, for the most part, instead of holding them accountable, spreads the lies and covers up for the liars

It is impossible to count the lies that come out of Washington, DC, from our government this year or just about any year since the end of WWII. They lied to us about Viet Nam and so many Americans died as cannon fodder for the elitists. They lied about the Pentagon Papers being published as a threat to our national security.

The same bastards continue to keep the records of the murder of JFK secret from the American people.

They lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they lied about Afghanistan, and Joe Biden checked his watch each time one of the 13 killed at the Kabul airport by the Taliban was unloaded at Dover AFB, and the media just yawned.

When they aren’t lying, they are simply incompetent, but mostly lie while packing money in their secret bank accounts with the current president and his family on the take from Communist China.

The same jerks opened our border and wrecked American energy independence while inflation stayed at record levels. These low-down dirty rats are out to ruin America and make you pay for their awful deeds.

Facebook and Twitter acted to block news about Hunter Biden’s laptop and were assisted by the FBI

Biden’s plan of “Built Back Better” has come true, but only for the Taliban terrorists. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2021.
  • Bull Shark from Potomac in 2010 Buzzs Marina

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