FIRED DELAWARE TRUCKER DURRELL KELLEY TOOK INDIANA COPS ON TOLL ROAD CHASE IN STOLEN RIG; his dogs were riding shotgun! UPDATE: trucker tells his side of the story and photo of his dog!

THE REST OF THE STORY: Trucker tells his side of the escapade with Big Rig Chase —just like Smokey and the Bandit!

What do you do when you just want to go home?

Hello! My name is Durrell Kelley; I’m a professional over-the-road truck driver. On May 6, 2023, my life took an unexpected change. I was working for an employer in Chicago, Illinois. I was terminated with no explanation, 15 hours away from home, and was told to vacate my truck immediately. I had $30 to my name and had no way back home to Bear, Delaware. Upon accepting this particular job in Illinois, I had to pay out of pocket for a rental car which was supposed to be reimbursed by the company a week before this incident. I was also owed a week of pay; the company only offered me $100 and a one-night stay at a local hotel after my unfair termination. Disregarding that the rental car fee to get to Illinois had taken all my money and at this point, had not been reimbursed. I decided to go home in the truck I was assigned to for my safety and will continue to presume my innocence for any allegations against me. I will be shedding light on the abuse that trucking companies put young professionals like myself through. They will work you into the ground and dispose of you like you are a nobody. I would like people to know I’m not proud of the chain of events that occurred on May 6, 2023. The reason for my GoFundMe is to cover any financial hardships, as well as legal fees, as I transition to fight for the career that I worked so hard for. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope my situation sheds light and brings advocacy for not just myself but for all truckers that can’t make it home to their families due to the hands of greedy trucking companies. My question to the world is, what do you do when you just want to go home?

Jesse is riding shotgun and reunited with his owner, and he is okay…

Rell’s dog riding shotgun in the big rig.
Durrell Kelly jail photo

Delaware Trucker Leads Troopers In Pursuit Of Stolen Semi

LaGrange County- Indiana State Police report that a trucker who was ticked off about being canned, perhaps due to recent traffic citations, led troopers in pursuit of a stolen semi across three counties before surrendering and safely being taken into custody.


On May 6, 2023, Indiana State Police dispatch received a call that a semi-tractor that was allegedly stolen from a trucking company by a terminated employee was suspected to be traveling eastbound on the Indiana Toll Road.

At approximately 12:42 p.m. Trooper Matthew Henson located the semi, a blue 2019 Freightliner, as it exited the Indiana Toll Road at the Notre Dame Exit, mile marker 77. Henson followed the Freightliner down the exit ramp in his fully marked Indiana State Police car and then activated his red and blue emergency lights. Henson says that as he turned on his emergency lights, the driver of the Freightliner drove through the orange traffic cones prior to the toll booth and reentered the Toll Road, fleeing eastbound.

Indiana-State-Police tracked-down-this-trucker-on-interstate-chase

The driver of the Freightliner continued to flee eastbound into Elkhart County, avoiding several sets of stop sticks that had been deployed. Eventually, the driver of the Freightliner struck stop sticks as the chase approached LaGrange County. During the chase, the driver called 911 and began speaking to a dispatcher. The dispatcher spoke to him and encouraged him to pull over and end the chase. The driver, identified as Durrell Kelley, 31, of Bear, Delaware, eventually pulled over near mile marker 114 in LaGrange County.


Kelley was safely taken into custody and transported to the LaGrange County Jail for Resisting Law Enforcement, Theft, and Reckless Driving. The LaGrange County Humane Society took possession of a dog that was in the Freightliner until it could be reunited with family members.

Troopers on the Indiana Toll Road were assisted by Troopers from the Bremen Post as well as officers with the Elkhart Police Department and Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office.


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