CROOKED 1st SON Hunter Biden Guilty on Gun Felony Charge, Pending Trial on Taxes Fraud; Emails Reveal Years of Corruption in Biden Crime Family

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Gun Felony Charge Placed against Robert Hunter Biden in Federal District Court of Delaware


Leo Wise, Staff Director and Chief Counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics. November 16, 2009. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.
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Gotta get a piece of this deal…


$360,000 if they keep all for clients for two years

Ask Hunter for help


Chris Heinz is the youngest son of United States Senator Henry John Heinz III (d. 1991) and Teresa Heinz Kerry. He is the great-great-grandson of the industrialist and founder of the H.J. Heinz Co.[1] He has two brothers, H. John Heinz IV (born 4 November 1966) and Andre Heinz. He and his brothers served on the board of The Heinz Endowments chaired by their mother.[2] His father was killed in the 1991 mid-air collision of a helicopter and plane (Merion air disaster).

Chris Heinz is a stepson of former U.S. Secretary of State and former presidential candidate John Kerry, and stepbrother of Alexandra Kerry and Vanessa Kerry. Heinz married Alexandra Lewis in February 2007.[3] They have two children.[4]

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Devon Archer urged to spill Biden dirt to avoid prison

As Hunter Biden faces a potential criminal indictment this week, his former best friend Devon Archer will make his last bid to avoid jail Tuesday when his appeal is heard in a courtroom in Lower Manhattan. 

As he grows increasingly despondent, friends with knowledge of Hunter’s thinking are telling Archer to accept that the Bidens have thrown him under the bus and that a last-minute presidential pardon has been ruled out. 

They have urged him to save himself by using the only currency he has left — his knowledge of the Biden family influence-peddling scheme, for which he had a front-row seat for four years during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. 

WH meet-and-greet 

Archer was present at meetings Hunter arranged for his foreign business partners to meet with his father or talk to him on the phone.

He famously was photographed meeting the VP in his White House office weeks before Archer and Hunter joined the board of the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma.  MORE

Hunter Biden and Devon Archer target Indian Tribe

Criminal Complaint against Devon Archer, business partner of Hunter Biden

Devon Archer awaits appeal of his prison sentence

Case title: USA v. Galanis et al

Magistrate judge case number:  1:16-mj-02978-UA

Date Filed: 05/31/2016

Date Terminated: 03/07/2022
Imprisonment for a total term of 1 Year, 1 day on both counts to run concurrent. Supervised release for a term of 1 Year on both counts to run concurrently.
Imprisonment for a total term of 1 Year, 1 day on both counts to run concurrent. Supervised release for a term of 1 Year on both counts to run concurrently.

2016 email states Hunter Biden’s monthly income showing $83,333 each month from Burisma

Subject: Biden Matte rFrom:”SMancinelli”
To:”Rebekah J. H. Sullivan”
Date: 2016-12-09 03:05
Hi Rebekah-

We have worked hard to try to answer all of your questions and create a workable way forward with respect to temporary support. There is a lot of information below, but I thought it was important to include all of this. I know Kathleen needs to feel secure in her knowledge of Hunter’s income and how the flow of money works, so I wanted to make sure to provide you a complete picture of that below.

Hunter receives a monthly fee from Burisma of $83,333.33 paid to Owasco. From that he receives a $70,000 salary, with the net pay being $43,344.96. ($13,333 is reserved for Owasco, P.C.-related business expenses.)

There is approximately $25,000 in monthly autopays that withdraw from the USAA (this does not include credit card payments or other outstanding family bills, mostly medical related). That leaves $18,344.96 for discretionary spending.

Hunter also receives a salary of $13,078.37 from Boies Schiller to a joint Wells Fargo account. Of that, approximately $9,037 is used to pay Sidwell tuition, Pepco, and contribute to Maisy/Finnegan’s 529. The remaining $4,041 has been used to pay outstanding family bills each month (see above) or cover shortfalls in the USAA account.

This brings the amount remaining for discretionary spending after Owasco, P.C. and Boies salary payments to approximately $22,300.

Please note that the withholding amounts on Hunter’s salary paid by Owasco, P.C. and Boies Schiller will go up on January 1st because the current numbers reflect the fact that he has hit the cap on FICA taxes. Hunter sees slightly less in after-tax compensation in the first couple of months of any year before he hits the cap, so the $22,300 number will decrease in January.

Given that there are a lot of outstanding bills that need to be paid – e.g., there are a couple of mortgage payments that have bounced in the past couple of months, doctor’s bills, back taxes, etc., going forward for the next several months; we propose that Kathleen will receive $10,000 a month and Hunter will receive $5,000 a month out of the approximately $22,300 remaining.

The logistics of this payment will be as follows: once Hunter’s salary is paid by Owasco (usually around the 15th depending when the Burisma payment is made), $10,000 will be paid to Kathleen’s Wells Fargo Bank Account. The remainder of the money, $32,300 ($7,300 plus $25,000 for autopays), will be put in the joint USAA “autopay” account and will only be used to pay joint bills. Neither party should access that account except to pay mutually agreed on joint household bills.

Out of the $10,000, Kathleen receives each month, we propose that she will only be responsible for paying the following: Groceries, personal entertainment, family travel, personal medical expenses, etc. All of her remaining living expenses (mortgage, utilities, car payment, housekeeper, etc.) will not be her responsibility.

The autopay account will be used to pay for the housekeeper and all other expenses listed below.

Importantly, in addition, to the Boies and Burisma payments, Hunter can also receive up to approximately $60,000 a month of additional revenue into Owasco, P.C. The receipt of this income is much less reliable as is contingent on the existence of additional revenue (i.e.- after Owasco, P.C. pays all additional business expenses, Owasco, P.C. has paid Hunter a bonus payment from the remainder).

We appreciate, however that should Hunter receive any such bonus payment from Owasco, a portion of that should go to Kathleen. We, therefore, propose that should Hunter receive a bonus payment in any given month, the bonus payment shall first be used to pay any outstanding joint bills/debts (with Hunter providing an accounting to Kathleen of what bills/debts were paid) and the remainder shall be divided between the parties. 50/50.

As a reminder, here are the parties’ monthly automatic/recurring payments. Under this proposal, Kathleen will not be responsible for any of these payments.



Mortgage- DC


Mortgage- Lakehouse

  • Chubb (Mercedes)
  • $295.50
  • Chubb (Home)
  • $377.00
  • Life insurance
  • $2,998.00
  • M&T boat loan payment
  • $419.00
  • DC Water
  • $198.00
  • Lourdes
  • $966.00
  • $200.00
  • Mercedes
  • $845.98
  • AT&T
  • $1,000.00
  • BB&T
  • $1,650.00
  • Comcast (Lakehouse)
  • $260.00
  • AT&T (JRB)
  • $190.02
  • Washington Gas
  • $175.00
  • AES Student Loan
  • $348.66
  • Chubb (Vehicle-Suburban)
  • $101.92
  • Long Beach Water
  • $78.00
  • Truck
  • $764.94
  • Audi
  • $668.73
  • Lourdes
  • $966
  • Comcast (DC)
  • $300
  • WashingtonFirst Bank (HELOC)
  • $400.00
  • Naomi ($150/weekly)
  • $600.00


Exclusive private school in Annapolis filed suit to force Hunter Biden to pay tuition for his niece while he was shacking up with his brother’s widow



Hunter Biden gets testy

Rosemont Seneca now without clients

Hunter Biden’s notes about Hallie Biden

On Jul 13, 2018, at 12:22 PM, Robert Biden <> wrote:

Hallie has given me no way back. She closes every door in my face with complete disdain and complete confidence that no matter what she says or does to me I am not a strong enough man to stand up and say enough I’m leaving you.  Hallie has a thousand reasons she can name to end this relationship and at least 10% of them are valid and 80% of them are legitimate complaints that deserve my attention and explanation the last 10% are ridiculous but not to be ignored or dismissed by your partner.  I address all of it and I am honest about all of it. How far can someone push me to manipulate me to lie to me to and when exposed there is no remorse no guilt no acknowledgement of any wrong doing.  Hallie tells me over sand over again “I have done nothing wrong.”  I think I know why and its the one thin g that has stopped me from simply walking out the door and turning off my phone.  I believe from what I know that she was taken advantage of early in her life.  I think the way she handled that experience that a 28 man subjected a 12 year old to is to take back her power and tell the story as a seduction on here part.  She wasn’t t taken advantage of in her m ind she was the seducer she was the little girl who had a special secret power over men. And it wasn’t wrong because it was exciting and it was dangerous and it was all hers and no one else had any access to that part of her because she loved being the opposite of you.  She said nothing told nominee and while you needed the attention she knew that your’s was nothing compared to the attention lion she could draw outof any man she set her eyes on.  Kermit would have never noticed Hallie if Hallie hadn’t wanted to prove to herself that she was  more beautiful and desired than Jen Knox and Devon who were all fucking him at the same time..  And that’s the pattern of her life. Since she had her first boyfriend the acceptable projection to whatever image she wanted to show the world.  The friend she could share a laugh be as selfish as she wanted and never really have to care about him all that much (Todd). And tenth dangerous hyper sexual seducer that she could experience that sexuality that she knew she possessed but felt was not for the world to see (Kermit).Whether the pattern continued through Beau I don’t know.  This between hallie and her conscience.  I choose to believe that somehow she stuffed all of her natural desires down into a dark part of her mind and when Beau died she freed them. I should have known that her seduction of me was nothing more than that. I should have known that when I told her this was a life changing moment that neither of us could take back \ her mind was totally unavailable to asnything but that appetite. And I don’t know that even if she knewhow much pain she caused that she would have cared.Do you know Hallie to ever have expressed any sort of guilt for her actions.  Think.  Can you name one time that Hallie has said “I cant believe I was such a bitch. I cant believe I did that what the fuck was I thinking.  I sam so so so sorry for hurting you by doing XXX. Please please forgive me. What I did was so wrong and so selfish I cant stand the guilt.”I cant think of one thing she has expressed guilt for doin g.  Maybe she says im sorry you feel that way.  Im so sorry for not understanding how overly sensitive you are.  Ive done nothing wrong but I can tell your upset so just believe me.    I really love snd adore you and when you’re sober…”Guilt is an appropriate emotion when we’ve wronged someone (including ourselves.). Guilt that isn’t acknowledged becomes shame.  And shame becomes either narcissism, and addiction, and pain, and an empty life.   The person who thinks they do nothing wrong  and that its better to be wrong and certain than right and uncertain obviously lives in an a reality of their own construct.  It literally means that they can do no wrong.  What can you ever say to that person when they purposely or knowingly allow you to be hurt.  No matter what they have done nothing wrong.  Hallie really believes that. She really believes that her relationship with David isn’t wrong.  It probably wasn’t much different than our relationship Liz, the only difference is that they lied and hid there relationship they l;itterally both told me I was crazy when I asked why they didn’t tell me they were together when they were.  Over and over and over again.  ANd then there his tree frog man- definitively yes- Mike Owen yes- and Justin whatever yes- and Liz if Daria and she didntbhook up or basically basically the equivalent then the fact t that they have said 10 times in 10 dsifgfeerent ways from the 4 woks they spent together to the 3 some Hallie told me tgwey were having with an escort to Daria trolling me last night the her Boston boyfriend was a little jealous

Because he knows she is addicted switch hitter her words along with sticking her tongue between her fingers to mimic licking a pussy when I asked her if she and hallie hooked up.  And Danielle  And on and on and on. 

How is checking out all together not a reasonable option Liz.  What do you suggest. Should I not protect at least the reputation I l3ave behind.  I guess it really doesnt matter.  How you call that LOVE IS A MYSTERY TO ME.

Robert Hunter



I have been there for better or worse for 22 years


To: “Kathleen Kathleen”

Date: 2015-09-01 02:47

I have been there for better or worse for 22 years. I have been there for you and our children, and I have struggled with this disease. And when I need you most to protect me against myself, you shut me out. My worst nightmare has become a reality- and in the aftermath, you have decided that I’m not worthy of your compassion. I am alone and you make me choose between our children and and all out confrontation with you. I know I’ve hurt you- maybe beyond repair-but if you were alone and sinking -no matter what – do you think I wouldn’t be there to hold you. Not say – “I’m doing this all for you” while you vacation with your friends. Not say things like “Natalie and Hunter have a mother and you’re not their father.” Did I make you this person. I’m sorry if I did . But regardless of what has been done and said – all the insults and injuries I may have caused- I am done with you. I am dying inside – but I will survive on the outside for my children. I’ll be sober – but no matter what what without you I am dead. You and I are done. Find a lawyer – you can have any money you want- but you won’t keep me from my children. I’ve consented to daily breathalyzers and blood tests and urinalysis and meetings with psychologists and still from afar you influence the process. You say I’m angry. I’m not angry. I’m amazed and disappointed. The person I fell in love with and have always been in love with is now my enemy. I’ve been able to keep this family afloat admits so many crisis. And so have you. Have I ever missed a tuition payment or mortgage payment, a play or a game or any thing that ever mattered- or your Neiman Marcus bill. Do you know what I’ve done to make that possible. Do you have any idea of the level of degradation? Do you know the level of pain I feel every minute- reliving the last two years as he died. Can you imagine what I felt when they said when he was dead and I came back and touched him after he was declared dead for 7 minutes and his heart restarted? I thought you did. I thought that no matter how faulted I was that you would be there. When-in any moment of crisis- with your family or mine have I not chosen you? When have I not been there for your family- for your brothers for your parents for your cousins. My brother died and the day after he was put in a grave you stopped speaking to me. Actually- you spoke to me to say things like “so you really think you can run for congress – don’t ever say that to you’re children and embarrass yourself.” You need to find your own path from here because it is clearly not with me. I’m certain my children will love me no matter what you do and have been doing to try and change that. They’ve all told me what you have been saying about me. I’ve never uttered a bad word about you to them- and I never will. It’s so sad to know that you haven’t done the same for me. But for the past 90 days or so with all my failings I wake up every day and turn and I am alone and I reach for you and you’re not there and then I reach for the phone to call Beau and I am alone. And you are drinking wine and smoking pot on the porch with Chris and Amy (the oh so virtuous) or at Camp David with Michele or in NYC with MD, or on the beach with Art and his kids. And I am here waking up alone on my way to a breathalyzer and a pee test…for what?( I have the liver of a 20 year old by the way according to my last blood test.) I’ll go to Caron- but realize this- every dime we have is accounted for – tuitions etc… After backyard and basement and all you’re insane spending- like the the fence I said Brother could jump and chewy could climb under- (I have every bill) we have no savings- so be prepared for no housekeeper and no Jun and no car payments and credit cards and no ATM. If you need money desperately, call Eric and ask for an advance against my potential earnings. Any bills that need to be paid – ask Eric first. If you need spending money ask Eric. Realize this- everyone already thinks I’m a lying, cheating piece of shit because of what you have told them. My Mother and my sister-in-law and everyone in my family knows that I am the scum you have described. You think there on my side? They all hate me because what you have told them. The only response I get is “you deserve it.” How can that be good for our girls? Your absence after the most devastating moment in my life clearly confirmed to all our friends and family that I truly must be the most despicable human being in the world- for my wife and best friend to completely shut me out in my most desperate time of need. Do you remember calling me to tell me you were pregnant? Do you remember me meeting you at the airport with books about pregnancy? “What to Expect When you’re Expecting.” Do you remember me being there every second- saying I loved you no matter what. And now remember this- I am alone and beyond despair and you know I have no real friends except for Beau and you, and you decide you are done with me and Beau is dead. Well I guess I’m to blame – I’ve made it hard on you emotionally- forget tuitions and mortgages and the life you could have had with Mickey- but at my lowest most desperate moment the idea you couldn’t even find the time to come slap me in the face- hold my hand- give me a hug… I guess it’s over.


FROM FOX NEWS: WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans who read an FBI informant file accusing President Biden of a role in a $5 million bribery scheme said Thursday that it involved the Ukrainian company Burisma — but Biden tauntingly retorted, “Where’s the money?”

“It’s a bunch of malarkey,” Biden told a Post reporter when asked about the bribery claim hours after FBI Director Christopher Wray agreed to let rank-and-file House Oversight Committee members read a June 2020 document in a bid to avoid being held in contempt.

Reps. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) revealed details after reading the file at the Capitol. Both said Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky allegedly told an FBI source that he paid $5 million apiece to Hunter and then-Vice President Joe Biden in an attempt to shake off a corruption investigation. 

“There [were] two separate transactions, one that went to Joe Biden for $5 million, one that went to Hunter Biden for $5 million,” Luna told Fox News correspondent Chad Pergram. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden is guilty of bribery.”

“It was all a brib[e] to get [former Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor] Shokin fired,” Greene said of the allegations against the Bidens. Shokin was fired in March 2016 and Joe Biden has publicly boasted that he leveraged $1 billion in US aid to get him thrown out of office.

Lt.-Gov.-Anthony-Brown-at-Hoyer-birthday-party in 2007. Brown is now Maryland’s Attorney General after losing the Governor’s race in 2014 to Republican Larry Hogan. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Doug Gansler at Leonardtown rally 2013 THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Tucker Carlson Connections to Hunter Biden

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Tucker Carlson and wife were on the guest list for a cocktail party being thrown by Hunter Biden

May 15, 2015/

“Pick up your damn phone. Call. Spread the word. You’ve got to stand up because we can’t beat this until there is not a single woman in America who blames herself for being victimized,

“Get men involved,” said Vice President Joe Biden at a reception in honor of the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project (DCVLP) for their annual “Voices Against Violence” event at the residence of The Ambassador of Japan and Mrs. Sasae.  “Pick up your damn phone. Call. Spread the word. You’ve got to stand up because we can’t beat this until there is not a single woman in America who blames herself for being victimized, not a single man in America who thinks it is justified to raise his hand. You are doing, as my mother would say, you are doing God’s work. You’re saving women’s lives.”

Hunter-Biden-at-DCLVP-2015 with the wife of the Japanese Ambassador.

Tucker Carlson appears on an equity spot or Funding Members list for Hunter Biden

Tucker Carlson’s wife asked Hunter to vouch for her son to get into G-Town U even though she realizes he doesn’t know the kid…

Buckley Carlson now works as Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Rep. Jim Banks of Ohio.
  • Employment History
    Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) (May 2023-)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) (Jan. 2021-May 2023)
  • Communications Director
  • House Republican Study Committee (March 2022-Jan. 2023)
    Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN)
  • Communications Director
  • House Republican Study Committee (Jan. 2021-Feb. 2022)
    Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN)
  • Deputy Communications Director
  • Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) (Jan. 2020-Jan. 2021)
  • Press Secretary
  • Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) (Sept. 2019-Jan. 2020)
  • Special Assistant
  • Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) (July 2019-Aug. 2019)

Biden buddies at Little Creek …mentioned at end of a long email of Biden Family Business plans

From: “Robert Biden” To: “Devon Archer” darcher@rosemontseneca.comDate:2014-04-13 01:43I have to go to Houston with Beau tmrw for MD Anderson check-up. Some thoughts after doing some research. And some further thoughts on organization going forward.

  1. Poroshenko appears to be the likely next President. Determining our teams relationship with him is important. He is credible with the west and by all accounts a true reformer (by Uk standards).
  2. Some sort of decentralization will likely occur in the East. If it doesn’t the Russians will continue to escalate there destabilization campaign, which could lead to a full-scale takeover of the eastern region most critically Donetsk. The strategic value is to create a land bridge for RU to Crimea.
  3. That won’t directly affect Burisma holdings, but it will limit future Uk exploration and utilization of offshore opportunities in particular.
  4. It will also result in further destabilization of Uk nationally and for whatever govt is in power. And the US will respond with even stronger sanctions. Those sanctions will threaten the tenuous support of the EU, which does not have the political will to incur steep energy price increases.
  5. Which will result in further price increases on RU gas to the Uk.
  6. The IMF loan guarantees will allow the Uks to weather the economic impact, but the required reforms to Uk public subsidies will weaken the new President.
  7. There will be enormous pressure on Burisma to lower prices for the national good. Even if the company takes a hit in profits it would seem imprudent to raise prices in convert with RU price gouging.
  8. Burisma has an opportunity here to play the hero if it ignores the artificial market value of their product and plays to the national interest.
  9. Kazakstan could play a pivotal role by providing gas at rates lower than what the RUs are asking but I doubt they would want to poke the Bear.
  10. The pipelines across Uk are the key to all of this. But if the Uks shut down the pipeline they also shut down 60% of their energy supply and put a strangle on EU supplies from RU, which the EU will never accept (b/c they are pussies).
  11. There is no immediate supplier solution to replace RU. Even if Burisma increased output from their reserves by 100% it would – 1, take at least two years and 2, Uk would still be about 35% short of their needed gas supplies.
  12. Our guy needs to set himself up as the anti- Victor Pinchuk (coal and steel oligarch- pro Russian Yanukuvich supporter).
  13. The best way to weather the storm btw now an elections is to throw all in with the chocolate king. Even if he loses to Tymosheko (unlikely per polls as of today) Poroshenko is a safe ally that could help protect him from the vultures of the moment. Additionally, you me and Alex should reconnect with the boxer and help gain his support of our guy.
  14. And it is the moment (btw now and Elections) that he needs to weather. If he is seen as unfairly profiting from the RU induced price spike things could turn against him fast.
  15. The Burisma website or press releases should talk about how Burisma, as the largest independent is committed to supplying Uk industry with as much power at a fair price as possible during this crisis with an emphasis on utilizing the best technologies and world-class team to ensure increased production and domestic delivery post haste.
  16. We can actually be of real value here. Developing relationships, bringing US expertise to the company, supplying strategic advice on politics and geopolitical risk assessment.
  17. BSF can actually have direct discussions at state, energy and NSC. They can devise a media plan and arrange for legal protections and mitigate US domestic negative press regarding the current leadership if need be.
  18. The announcement of my guy’s upcoming travels should be characterized as part of our advice and thinking- but what he will say and do is out of our hands. In other words, it could be a really good thing or it could end up creating too great an expectation. We need to temper expectations regarding that visit.
  19. We need to ask for long-term agreement and across-the-board participation. This is a huge step for us that could easily become very complicated. And if we are not protected financially regardless of the outcome, we could find ourselves frozen out of a lot of current and future opportunities.
  20. To that end they need to know in no uncertain terms that we will not and cannot intervene directly with domestic policymakers, and that we need to abide by FARA and any other US laws in the strictest sense across the board.
  21. The contract should begin now- not after the upcoming visit of my guy. That should include a retainer in the range of 25k p/m w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF for our protection. Complete separate from our respective deals re board participation.
  22. Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same.

This could be the break we have been waiting for if they really are smart enough to understand our long-term value. If they are looking to just use us until the storm passes, then we risked far too much for far too little. We could be invaluable in expanding their operations outside Uk by promoting their US partnerships and expertise- whether that’s China, Mexico, other parts of the Black Sea, Poland etc…

Finally, we need to have a plan on how we develop a corporate entity or LLP that allows us to draw on funds generated here to free us from existing (under-producing current commitments) and to build our own investment and expansion strategy. Maintaining the status quo is not an option. We can preserve our interest in the areas where minimal involvement is appropriate but should not get greedy and try to keep all the balls in the air that exist today. RCP, RSTP, BHRT all make sense and can co-exist and progress without our day-to-day oversight. But Advisors and the BD need a transition plan. I am assuming that by making this move, it will require us to be traveling extensively and actually earning our keep. If that’s not the case then we will know we are being used in a way that’s not appropriate. BHRT will be our only other major time commitment (and Realty). But from my discussions with Jimmy, I’m a little concerned that their strategy of marketing a soft commitment from BOC is not going to get the job done. We had assurances that the PRC money would come first, and we would build on that. Right now, I don’t see that happening. If they want us in Beijing once a month and pitching this outside PRC, we should be getting paid in advance just like every other team member that’s getting a salary. We should be hiring people like Jim Lee to work east Asia and Australia and our new 3rd party marketer here in the States to do the heavy lifting if she is interested. We should also find someone of similar capabilities to do the same in Europe.
We should also find a highly credible and discreet firm to perform due diligence and deep information for us on an ongoing basis. The kind of people that can get us information that’s not available through a Google search and some phone calls. We can use our own funds to pay for it and I’m sure your buddies down in Little Creek have some trusted independent contacts that do that sort of work.



U.-S.-Rep.-John-Sarbanes beat the Republican candidate in 2006 for Congress. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Senator-Ben-Cardin-with-O’Malley-at-Hoyer-event. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Lt.-Gov.-Anthony-Brown-at-Hoyer-birthday-party in 2007. Brown is now Maryland Attorney General after losing the Governor’s race in 2014 to Republican Larry Hogan. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Hoyer-must-have-gotten-the-money-count-and-he-is-sad. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Father of new Maryland Comptroller Brooke Lierman schmoozes Hunter Biden for bucks.

O’Malley-at-Hoyer-bull-roast. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
U.-S.-Rep.-Chris-Van-Hollen. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo



Hunter gazes over money-grabbing options in Africa, which is a target-rich environment of corruption



Private train travel is available in 2023 with a lot less involvement of Amtrak Joe and Hunter than in 2011 … or is it?

Remember this Facebook attempt to cover up Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption?


Extensive Hunter Biden laptop archive with nearly 10,000 photos published on new website

Biden Laptop Emails

Here are 128k emails from the Biden Laptop, which is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue collar crime under the patina of “the Delaware Way.” Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a number of ancient languages were mere gibberish and hash marks. Similarly, the emails on the Biden Laptop illuminated previously convoluted webs of the people you see leading the charge for global governance; truly, the emails can be considered a translation tool for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering.

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Here are 128k emails from the Biden Laptop, which is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime under the patina of “the Delaware Way.” Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a number of ancient languages were mere gibberish and hash marks. Similarly, the emails on the Biden Laptop illuminated previously convoluted webs of the people you see leading the charge for global governance; truly, the emails can be considered a translation tool for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering.

Legalese: Having seen the lengths that the FBI and other entities in the apparatus have gone to harass citizens who expose corruption, and pursuant to 18 USC § 119Marco Polo testifies that the contents of the Biden Laptop were abandoned property. Furthermore, Marco Polo unequivocally disclaims any intention to cause any threat, intimidating action, or incitement of harm to any person covered by 18 USC § 119 and we do not condone, encourage, intend, or have any knowledge that any other person will or may use the information herein for any unlawful purpose. Marco Polo’s motive is to see justice delivered—to all criminals—by those whose responsibility it is to carry out that duty.

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