CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN – ‘THE HAMMER’ Judge Amy appears confused about running for Judge in St. Mary’s – PG Fat Cats boosting her bid with big bucks in Waldorf Soiree

CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN – ‘THE HAMMER’ Judge Amy appears confused about running for Judge in St. Mary’s – PG Fat Cats boosting her bid with big bucks in Waldorf Soiree



WALDORF, MD – The setting for the soon-to-be lavish fundraiser for the effort by Judge Amy Lorenzini, a longtime Calvert County attorney who was appointed to the St. Mary’s County Circuit Court in a case of political payback by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, is ready. The event is in an upscale banquet and cuisine center in Waldorf known as Selby’s.

One of the top Maryland lobbyists, Steve Proctor, of G. S. Proctor and Associates, is listed on the invitations for the election fundraiser.  Proctor can’t vote for Lorenzini as he lives in Upper Marlboro, but he apparently has lent his vast array of talents to raise campaign funds at a Champagne Campaign Soiree at which donations of $500 are the listed preference from campaign organizer and event chairman Delegate C. T. Wilson, Democrat, of Charles County.  Wilson can’t vote for Lorenzini either, as he lives in Charles County.

Most campaign events for those running for election in St. Mary’s County have been held in St. Mary’s County at luxurious locales over the years, such as Drift Inn, Old Breton Inn, the Brass Rail, Pennies Tavern, The Leonardtown Wharf, The Belvedere, Evans Seafood, The Roost, ADF Bingo, Seaside View Restaurant, The VFW Hall in California, the American Legion Hall in Avenue, the American Legion Hall in Ridge, the Colonial State House in St. Mary’s City, Trinity Church Hall in St. Mary’s City, the Bay District Firehouse Social Hall in Lexington Park, the Mechanicsville Fire House Social Hall, Hills Club, St. Mary’s Landing, the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall, the Second District VFD Hall in Valley Lee, the Seventh District VFD hall in Avenue, Potomac Gardens in Colton’s Point.

 Not all these establishments are open or still exist and are available for booking big-deal political events such as those planned to keep a robe covering Judge Amy. Some are only memories.

Still, all of them open for business would be staffed by people who could vote in the Judgeship election in November of 2024.  

Unless those carrying around trays of hors d’oeuvres happen to live in St. Mary’s County, they can’t vote for Judge Amy. Still, then again, most of the hi-dollar rollers from Annapolis won’t be able to vote for her either. However, if they know what is good for keeping the organizers and sponsor happy, they can write checks and slide credit cards at the gracious check-in table on November 27th.

Gov. Hogan appointed Lorenzini to the bench due to a political dispute with Maryland State Senator Jack Bailey, who failed to provide the appropriate support for Hogan’s daughter in her race for St. Mary’s States Attorney. 

Senator Bailey wanted St. Mary’s County’s longtime criminal and civil attorney, Sue Ann Armitage, for the open judgeship, but then-Governor Hogan demonstrated. that Republicans have long memories.  When Hogan appointed Lorenzini, the managing partner in a Prince Frederick law firm for most of the past twenty years, and passed over Armitage, the dye was cast.

Armitage is a St. Mary’s County-raised attorney with roots in both ends of the county, from Ridge to Oakville, without the need to include the Gov. Thomas Johnson Bridge to connect her career to St. Mary’s County.  Lorenzini’s law partners likely can’t vote for her either, as they comprise a significant Calvert County law practice. Still, they surely will have their names in the list of campaign contributors for Judge Amy.

Sue Ann Armitage can count on her law partner voting for her as he is also her husband.

Both candidates must have a phone number on their Campaign listings with the Maryland Election Board.

The phone number on Sue Ann Armitage’s Election Board listing is listed in her name.

 Lorenzini likely had a cell phone number from Calvert County, as her listed number with the State of Maryland Election Board is the main number of the St. Mary’s Circuit Courthouse in Leonardtown. Lorenzini has never owned property in St. Mary’s County. Armitage has property in Ridge.

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