GAS PUMPS FOR CALLAWAY – St. Mary’s Planners approve new location for Weis Gas & Go

Weis-Market-Gas-Go pumps approved at Callaway, Md. by St. Mary’s Planning Commission on Jan. 22, 2024


Recent Approvals and Actions by the St. Mary’s County Planning Commission:

At the January 22, 2024, meeting, the Planning Commission approved the Concept Site Plan for Weis Market Gas & Go Development.

A new traffic study was conducted in December of 2023 and was approved by St. Mary’s Public Works and submitted to the State Highway Commission for review, which reported that the addition of the gas pumps would have very little impact on Rt. 5 and Rt. 249, according to testimony given by Michael Lenhart of Lenhart Traffic Consulting at the Planning Commission public hearing on Jan. 22, 2024.

LOCATION: CALLAWAY – In the matter of CONCEPT SITE PLAN #CSP23-0239, Weis Market Gas-N-Go Development, having accepted the staff report and having made a finding that the objectives of Section 60.6 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance have been met, and noting that the referenced project has met all requirements for concept approval, I move that the concept site plan be APPROVED WITH THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

a. Any road improvement (s) required by the state and county must be concurrent with the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

b. Fence to be installed on three sides of the Gas-n-Go lot, as discussed with the applicant.

c. Install a sign on Grandaddy’s Lane, verbiage to be determined with the assistance of DPW&T.

Motion by Patricia Robrecht, second by John Brown.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yea: J Howard Thompson, Joseph L Van Kirk, Patricia Robrecht, Kim Summers, John Brown, Michael Brown, Lynn Delahay

The presentation of traffic consultant, click below

The entire meeting of the Planning Commission for the Weis Markets gas pump was a long and tedious discussion.

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