COURT NEWS: Joshua Trippett will soon be stuffed down a rat hole in prison for kidnapping as the icing on the cake of a lifetime of dirtbag accomplishments as St. Mary’s States Attorney Jaymi Sterling Performs the Leonardtown Two-Step of Plea Dealing

COURT NEWS St. Mary’s County Jury Convicts Joshua Trippett for Kidnapping and False Imprisonment of Car Dealership Employee

LEONARDTOWN, MD (May 22, 2024) – St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney Jaymi Sterling announced that a St. Mary’s County Jury found Joshua Terrell Trippett, 28 (2/5/1996) of 30 Capitol Court, Lusby, Maryland, guilty of kidnapping and false imprisonment for an incident that occurred on November 16, 2023.

Judges and prosecutors in Charles and St. Mary’s County have been talking tough and double-dealing the public by letting this bozo free for more than a decade; that is why he was available for his latest caper.


Sterling is a great example of speaking of law and order with a forked tongue.  Trippett was indicted by the St. Mary’s Grand Jury on September 12, 2022, on three criminal counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, having a handgun on his person, and having a handgun in a vehicle. On June 9, 2023, before tough-talking Circuit Court Judge Amy Lorenzini, Sterling put all three serious charges on the Stet Docket and allowed Trippett to hop, skip, and jump his way free out of the courtroom.

“The defendant kidnapped a car dealership employee under the guise of a vehicle test drive. He drove dangerously and refused to return to the dealership despite the victim’s multiple pleas to do so. The defendant maliciously exploited the employee’s good faith. Preying on the trust of others is reprehensible, and I hope the verdict brings the victim a sense of justice,” said State’s Attorney Sterling.

The defendant faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and will continue to be held without bond pending a sentencing hearing.


Detective Andrew Burgess of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department was the lead investigator.


Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Proctor prosecuted the case on behalf of the citizens of St. Mary’s County.



Circuit Court Judge Stanalonis presided over the trial. Sentencing is pending.


OWINGS, MD – One of the first things any good stunt driver learns is how to control a vehicle, a talent that escaped a bozo from PG County who also has an address in Lusby. On August 18, 2021, at just after midnight, Calvert Sheriff’s Deputy Savick responded to the area of Southern MD Blvd. and Skinners Turn Road in Owings, MD to assist Maryland State Trooper Kaitz with a traffic stop.

The vehicle was confirmed to have fraudulent tags and the operator of the vehicle was suspended. During the stop, Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Deputy N. Savick observed the brake lights flash and heard the engine revving up, and witnessed the truck drive off.

Trooper Kaitz and Deputy Savick pursued the vehicle at accelerating speeds and noticed the driver not stopping while driving recklessly in an attempt to elude police units. As the vehicle approached a sharp bend in the roadway along NB Rt. 4 just prior to Dunleigh Drive, the vehicle lost control and spun out striking a road sign where it came to a rest in the median.

The driver, identified as Joshua Terrell Trippett, 25, (DOB 02/05/1996) of 30 Capital Court, Lusby, Md., was taken into custody and transported to the Calvert County Jail where he was charged with Driving an Unregistered Vehicle on a Highway, Driving on a Suspended License, Knowingly Driving an Uninsured Vehicle, Negligent Driving, Failure of Individual Driving on Highway to Display License to Uninformed Police on Demand and other traffic-related charges. A court date of November 17, 2021, has been arranged for Trippett to invent an explanation for his antics to a judge in Calvert District Court.

Maryland State Trooper J. Engleman awarded Trippett several citations associated with driving while suspended in a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup on Pegg Road at Pacific Drive in Lexington Park, Md., on August 3, 2021. A court date is pending for that charge.

Former Calvert States Attorney Laura Martin

Trippett entered a guilty plea to armed robbery and use of a firearm in a felony violent crime on July 1, 2014, in Calvert County Circuit Court following his indictment by the Grand Jury.  In the plea deal with Calvert County States Attorney Laura Martin, Trippett was sentenced to ten years in prison and five years were suspended.  The current charges have now triggered a hearing for violation of the terms of his five-year probationary period. Throughout November and December, of 2013, several commercial armed robberies occurred in the Sunderland area of Calvert County, along Md. Rt. 2.

On December 18, 2013, an additional commercial armed robbery occurred in Prince Frederick at Sunflower Cleaners located at Central Square Drive.

Detectives from the Calvert Investigative Team developed a possible suspect based on evidence obtained at each of the crime scenes.

On December 20, 2013, Calvert Sheriff’s detectives recovered a vehicle containing additional evidence. This evidence led detectives to a residence on Gertrude Drive in Sunderland. Police reported that a 17-year-old male, Joshua Terrell Trippett, was located within the residence and arrested.

Further evidence was obtained at this time which indicates that Trippett was responsible for all of the recent armed robberies. Trippett was charged as an adult with one count of armed robbery, one count of use of a firearm in a violent crime, two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, and one count of theft less than $1,000.

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