WHERE IS THE COP COACH? ST. MARY’S SHERIFF MOBILE COMMAND CENTER PALOOZA! St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron bought a pricey Mobile Command Unit in 2020 – but where is it? Now Cameron wants another cool $1.5 million for a newer one and still has the old one hanging around

WHERE IS THE COP COACH? ST. MARY’S SHERIFF MOBILE COMMAND CENTER PALOOZA! St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron bought a pricey Mobile Command Unit in 2020 …

BACKROOM DEALS: Proposal for restroom and parking along trail set to benefit Squad in the secret deal instead of a public proposal

HOLLYWOOD, MD. – A parcel of land, a bit more than eight acres in size, presently owned by the Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad Inc, is being eyeballed by the Saint Mary’s County Commissioners for purchase that could provide the taxpayer-supported group with a windfall of over $200,000.  

MURDER USA: Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department postpones resumption of carnival until police can get their act together to keep gangs of thugs from Lexington Park from bringing blood feuds to the annual family event

Why doesn’t Sheriff Cameron send out all the desk jockeys who work 9 to 5 weekdays to the carnival to keep the public safe? Southern …

ELECTION 2022: Mail-in ballot counting is going slow; key races like Baltimore City States Attorney depend on the final count; Orphans Court in St. Mary’s has a tight, slight spread for embattled Judge Michael White

SHELLENBERGER PREVAILS OVER SOCIALIST SOROS-BACKED LEONARD Soros-funded Robbie Leonard lost to incumbent Baltimore County States Attorney Scott Shellenberger with mail-in ballots. The first day of …

  • St. Mary's Sheriff Dave Zylak, with the fresh bean on his head from his wife's rolling pin, begs Commissioners to give him money for a raise for his top civilian manager - his wife.
  • The Good Old Boy Club of the St. Mary's Sheriff's Department must be protected at all costs - WHERE'S THE LOOT?
  • Sheriff Zylak still looks for ways to give his wife a raise or face the rolling pin. 2005
  • Angie Cameron at a Bull Roast with her husband St. Mary's Sheriff Tim Cameron. Angie loves to have her photo in Tabloids. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Angie Cameron cries a three-minute tale of woe of Facebook Drama Queen at a St. Mary's Commissioner Meeting, saying people have been mean to her.
  • Sheriff Tim Cameron sent in his work wife, Maj. John Horne who berated Commissioner John O'Connor in 2016 when O'Connor criticized the Sheriff's budget. Horne got an attaboy from Cameron, who pretended to be shocked.
  • Tim Cameron is a wild and crazy guy at the FOP on election night 2006 after beating incumbent Sheriff David Zylak.
  • Interview with St. Mary's Commissioner President candidate Tom McKay
  • Interview with St. Mary's Commissioner President candidate Randy Guy
  • St. Mary's Sheriff candidate John O'Connor
  • St. Mary's Commissioner Candidate Mike Hewitt
  • St. Mary's Commissioner President candidate William B. J Hall III
  • Scott Ostrow, candidate for St. Mary's Commissioner in 2022.
  • LAME DUCK TIM CAMERON desperate to save the failing campaign of designated survivor
  • Tom McKay says he has the battle scars to prove he is the right person to fight for small businesses and cut taxes for citizens.
  • Sheriff O'Connor will send cops to where the crime is located.
  • Pledges to keep public involved
  • Each school needs to be safe
  • John O'Connor challenges Sheriff Tim Cameron to release the investigation into the reckless shooting adventure supervised by Capt. Steve Hall allowed live rounds from deputies' foolhardy gun training to land inside a home where an infant was in a crib.
  • Roy Alvey at Golden Beach Parade. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Ellynne Brice Davis
  • Dawn Zimmerman says her experience in farming and raising a family of six children is the right background for a county commissioner.

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