PIRATE POACHERS OF THE CHESAPEAKE: JP NELSON RIDES AGAIN! DNR Police Charge His Crew Too! BANNED FOR LIFE from oystering, will he be banned from crabbing too? Still time for more Fritz Plea Deals!

Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake: J. P. Nelson out of business for life after serious poaching violations James P. Nelson –Tidal Fish License # 271 Suspended -Prohibited …

ELECTION 2022 Fritz’s benefactor Reginald Alston was put on probation by Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission for illegally possessing plants, and making false statements after St. Mary’s Sheriff seized 760 pot plants; no problem, gave Fritz $6,000

BY KEN ROSSIGNOL THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY Not long before Richard Fritz’s political campaign, geared to win him another term as St. Mary’s States Attorney, bagged …


Craig Kontra is the only candidate who has demonstrated that he understands what the public does about the Hooterville operation of the Calvert Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Mike Evans, carried out by McDowell.

ELECTION 2022 Fleenor’s record explains why he doesn’t like the internal affairs investigators and glibly proclaims that more complaints are a byproduct of his slogan ‘tougher on crime’

“Criminals should not have rights, that’s what ‘tough on crime’ means.” Todd Fleenor at the candidates forum in Lexington Park on June 15, 2022 LEONARDTOWN, …

ELECTION 2022: Vote for Tom McKay for St. Mary’s Commissioner President

Tommy McKay is our choice for the post of St. Mary’s County Commissioner President. Former Commissioner Larry Jarboe has cited his four years in the post from 2002 to 2006 as being a record of achievement, efficiency, lower taxes, respect for the treasure extracted from taxpayers by county government, and meeting the needs of education each and every budget cycle.