BIDEN’S SUPER SPREADER: Haitians being picked up in ocean transit by Coast Guard and returned to Haiti; while thousands of illegals are walking thru the Rio Grande at Del Rio, Texas bringing a fresh blue wave of Covid with no masks and no vaccine shots; 400 Border Patrol Agents Rushed to Texas

400 Border Patrol Agents Being Rushed to Border; Biden Issues Statement Telling Would Be Immigrants to Stay Home Following Eight Months of Open Borders and More Than A Million Rushing In For Free Stuff The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is immediately implementing a new, comprehensive strategy to address the increase in migrant encounters in …

MURDER USA: MS-13 Gang Member Deported Back to El Salvador

“Individuals who are wanted by foreign governments for criminal activity—as in this case, an alien charged with membership in a terrorist organization—have absolutely no place in our country,” said ERO Baltimore Field Office Director Diane Witte.

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