ELECTION 2022: Capt. Hall and Todd Fleenor starred in ‘Benefit or Boondoggle’ on ABC7 expose on K-9 bomb training for air travel while St. Mary’s airport has never had one single paying passenger in 35 years

THE GREAT K-9 VACATION OF 2016St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office K9 Officers Participate in ‘Prestigious’ Airport Explosive Detection Training in Canada – even though Border Patrol …

ELECTION 2022: Vote for Tom McKay for St. Mary’s Commissioner President

Tommy McKay is our choice for the post of St. Mary’s County Commissioner President. Former Commissioner Larry Jarboe has cited his four years in the post from 2002 to 2006 as being a record of achievement, efficiency, lower taxes, respect for the treasure extracted from taxpayers by county government, and meeting the needs of education each and every budget cycle.