MONTGOMERY POLICE BEAT: Honduras National charged with rape of girl; Fairfax resident Steven Gordon Zareski charged with soliciting sex from a teen hooker

DWI HIT PARADE: Serial DWI driver John Alpha Williams failed to show up for court to face three DUI charges on three separate occasions in one year and yet a Moronic District Court Commissioner released him from the pokey

Pentagon contractor busted when boarding cruise with his bag of drugs to sell; used government computer for planning peddling pills

Caribbean cruise plans to sell pills to ship passengers sniffed out by police K-9 dogs. Peter D. Melendez and Robert E. Koehler busted and booked in Miami-Dade Jail on Feb. 3, 2019, while the Allure of the Seas left without them. No drugs, no cruise, and bail to raise. Upon conviction, perhaps no job except making license plates.

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