ELECTION 2022: Vote for Tom McKay for St. Mary’s Commissioner President

Tommy McKay is our choice for the post of St. Mary’s County Commissioner President. Former Commissioner Larry Jarboe has cited his four years in the post from 2002 to 2006 as being a record of achievement, efficiency, lower taxes, respect for the treasure extracted from taxpayers by county government, and meeting the needs of education each and every budget cycle. 

DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Jimmy Bowles retired once from a prison term, returned again to his burglary roots and is now in the slammer due to DNA match

ABELL, MD. – in what is a historic and legendary crime family of the saga of the Seventh District, once touted in The Washington Post by reporter Eugene L. Meyer as ‘The Barbary Coast’, a new arrest of an old burglar will cause tongues to wag once again as a new generation learns of the misdeeds of the dangerous miscreants known as the Bowles brothers.

Politics in Toons: Starring Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening – When The Washington Post ignored the affair of the liberal Democrat who was sleeping with his deputy chief of staff on love trysts on the state yacht and foreign trips – paid for by the taxpayers –

For two years the Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post both ignored and spiked the story of Maryland Governor Parris Glendening conducting an affair with his Deputy Chief of Staff. Glendening promoted her over other female staff members with whom he was not having sexual relations, giving her $31,000 in raises over a period of three years until ST. MARY’S TODAY broke the story.