MURDER USA: Teion Brewer sent to slammer for 50 years


Another wild day in Waldorf Crime-Town when two thugs robbed and shot a man in the parking lot of Dollar General


WALDORF, MD — An up and coming member of the Waldorf Crime Community, with a record of being a gun felon who migrated to Charles County from the District, and who got an easy deal from Prince Georges County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks in 2015, entered a guilty plea to shooting a man in the head as he sat in a vehicle in the parking lot of the Dollar General on Leonardtown Road in the heart of Waldorf – and after committing the crime with a teenage assistant in broad daylight – fled from the scene into the ghettos of Waldorf.

Teion Lamon Brewer, who formerly lived on Lamont Street NW in the District of Columbia, got a nice deal on gun charges in PG County before being caught for the shooting in Waldorf.

 Charles County States Attorney Tony Covington, announced that on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Charles County Circuit Court Judge William R. Greer Jr. sentenced Teion Lamon Brewer, 23, (DOB 12/19/1995, of 11935 Patchwork Place, Waldorf, Md., to life suspend all but 50 years in prison for the Attempted First-Degree Murder of Johrel Key and Use of a Firearm During the Commission of a Violent Crime.

Upon release, Brewer will be on supervised probation for 5 years.

On September 5, 2019, Brewer entered a guilty plea to the charges in Charles County Circuit Court.

On March 23, 2019, officers responded to the parking lot of Dollar General located in the 11800 block of Montgomery Lane in Waldorf for the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers found victim Johrel Key lying in the parking lot suffering with a gunshot wound to his head. Key was transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma to be treated for his injuries. While at the scene, officers spoke to multiple witnesses who described the suspects and the direction they fled. After canvassing the area, officers apprehended Brewer and his juvenile co-defendant. Fortunately, Key survived the incident; however, he suffered extensive injury and is legally blind as a result of the shooting.

An investigation revealed that prior to the shooting, Key was seated in a vehicle outside of Dollar General waiting for Brewer and his co-defendant. Key was located in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, which was also occupied by another adult and a small child. When Brewer and his co-defendant approached the vehicle, Brewer wielded a gun, pointed it at Key, and demanded money. Moments later, Brewer shot Key in the head. Brewer and his co-defendant then fled the area.

During the investigation, Brewer admitted to being the shooter, which was corroborated by extensive evidence. Teion Brewer, 23, of Waldorf, and Lorenzo Henson Simms, (aka Larenzo Henson-Simms) 16, of the cracktown Ghetto neighborhood of Oak Manor, 11755 Oak Manor Drive, Waldorf, were arrested and charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault, attempt robbery, second-degree assault and other related charges. Simms was charged as an adult.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Department said officers responding to the 11800 block of Montgomery Lane in Waldorf around 12:49 p.m. found a man inside a car in a Dollar General parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound in the face. Officers then obtained a description of the suspects and established a perimeter before quickly locating both suspects and subsequently recovering a handgun.

“The victim, in this case, was left with life-altering injuries. – The entire episode was planned and staged for no reason. The actions showed not only disregard for the victim, but all located in the vehicle as well.”

Charles County Circuit Court Judge William R. Greer Jr.

During sentencing, Assistant State’s Attorney Constance B. Kopelman addressed the judge, “This was a brutal crime in broad daylight. The impact of this incredibly egregious act will affect Mr. Key for the rest of his life. [The victim will] live his life in darkness.”

Before sentencing Brewer, Judge Greer stated, “The victim, in this case, was left with life-altering injuries. – The entire episode was planned and staged for no reason. The actions showed not only disregard for the victim, but all located in the vehicle as well.”

Liberals want to take the guns of law-abiding citizens but when a violent offender is caught with a gun – such as Brewer in 2015 – he got a slap on the wrist

In Prince George’s County Circuit Court, on April 24, 2015, Judge McKee was on the bench for the gun charges of Brewer.  
The court records reflect the following:
Waiver of Rights at Plea, filed. Gun Offender registration, filed.
Plea of not guilty withdrawn and plea of guilty entered to Count 1 – Wear, carry and transport handgun upon their person/court accepts plea. Sentenced to the Jurisdiction of the Division of Correction as follows: Count 1 for a period of 3 years; all but 1 years suspended. Sentence to commence as of 10/22/2014/ (184 days credit given). Defendant is placed on supervised probation for a period of 3 years. Court costs waived. Public Defender fee waived. Nolle Pros Remaining Counts. Any bench warrants are recalled. Any bond discharged. Plea offer, filed.

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