CHARLES SHERIFF NEWS BEAT: Alleged spitting drug dealer Kaleb Brooks threatened to shoot dog; Bright pal showed up while cops were executing search warrant was packing heat

WALDORF, MD. – It all started when a resident of Waldorf walking a dog asked for a person to not pet their dog.

Police say that on September 13, 2021, a patrol officer responded to the area of Hope Circle in Waldorf for a call about a dispute.

Kaleb Aaron Brooks, assault, spitting, drug dealing rocket scientist will likely be able to be elected to Congress as a Democrat to replace Steny Hoyer.

 The victim reported the suspect, who was not known to him, brandished a firearm and threatened to shoot and kill him after the victim asked the suspect’s family member not to pet the dog he was walking. Police say that the officer was able to positively identify the suspect as Kaleb Aaron Brooks, 25, (DOB 4/26/1991) of 2335 Hope Circle, Waldorf, Md.

The officer obtained an arrest warrant charging Brooks with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and carrying a handgun. Brooks is prohibited from possessing a firearm.


Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry reports that on September 16, 2021, Charles County Sheriff’s officers located Brooks at his residence. While he was being arrested, police report that he spat on an officer. Officer G. Nyamekye charged Brooks with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and having a handgun on his person.

Further, police say that Brooks was in possession of a backpack that contained a large amount of suspected marijuana and prescription pills. Detectives also served a search warrant at Brook’s residence and his vehicle and recovered a handgun, drug packaging, and a large amount of cash. Brooks is currently being held at the Charles County Jail without bond.

Brooks entered a guilty plea to theft on March 10, 2017, in Charles County Circuit Court and picked up a sentence of twelve days in the Charles County Jail.

A Charles County Judge issued a final protective order against Brooks on June 12, 2018, in a domestic violence case. Another protective order placed against Brooks in a domestic violence case was issued on October 29, 2015.

A Bright Cohort Arrives with Gun While Cops Were Checking the Crib

Sheriff Berry reports that while officers were conducting the search warrant, an unknown male approached the back of the house. Officers observed what appeared to be the shape of a handgun in the person’s waist area. The subject was stopped, and officers found a loaded semiautomatic firearm on him. A computer check revealed the subject was prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a previous felony conviction.

Kareem Wali Bright had the bright idea to show up to meet his pal who is a big guy in the drug trade and brought his gun while the place was crawling with cops.

Kareem Wali Bright, 26, of 6070 Thoroughbred Court, Unit B, Waldorf, Md, was arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm. Bright was released on September 17, 2021, after posting a bond of $2,500 which was set by District Court Judge Kenneth A. Talley.

Bright had another bright idea about being a weed enthusiast and was issued a citation for less than ten grams of pot by Maryland Transportation Authority Officer Jean Philius on June 21, 2021. The trial in Charles County District Court is set for September 24, 2021.  

In another attempt to gain notoriety and fame, Bright entered a guilty plea to second-degree burglary in Charles County Circuit Court on February 23, 2017. The plea deal with Charles County States Attorney Tony Covington drew a sentence of ten years in the Maryland prison system where Bright could shine his bright light over all of the seriously stupid inmates, but the plea deal put Bright’s light behind bars in the Charles County Country Club and Hoosegow in LaPlata for a mere sixteen months.


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