COURT NEWS: The public has a Right to Know in Borzilleri v. Mosby

Baltimore City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

COURT NEWS: The Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary is running cover for the Prom Queen Prosecutor of Baltimore City

(SPECIAL FROM THE MARYLAND, , DC PRESS ASSOCIATION) – Today, a sitting State’s Attorney will go on trial in a case of vital interest to the public: Can the government retaliate against those who have differing political opinions?


Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is slated to stand trial in a civil case, Borzilleri v. Mosby, in Baltimore Circuit Court in front of Judge Gregory Sampson. The case stems from a lawsuit by a line prosecutor who was fired for supporting Mosby’s political opponent. The case was initially brought in federal court, and the line prosecutor lost, but it was brought again on new grounds in state court, and a judge said it should proceed.

Maryland law allows for civil proceedings to be recorded/broadcast by the media, under Rule 16-603-607. Only criminal proceedings are expressly barred from broadcast. Appellate court proceedings have been live streamed by the courts for years.  The court first denied Baltimore Sun access last week by the judiciary spokespeople in Annapolis, then by Judge Shannon Avery again on Friday afternoon.

The Press Association stands with The Baltimore Sun, and its reporter, Justin Fenton, in requesting the Judiciary reconsider its denial. 

This case is of historic significance and the people of Baltimore and all of Maryland should have access to footage from this historic trial, which will consider retaliation for voicing political views.  

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