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CALVERT SHERIFF POLICE BEAT Three robbers knocked over CVS and fled back to the land of heathens

  During the robbery, one pharmacist was assaulted. 

Armed robber hits the Dunkirk CVS before a quick return trip to PG County, Calvert Sheriff Dept. May 21, 2018
Dunkirk CVS robbery suspect photo
Suspect 3 in CVS Dunkirk robbery left his fingerprints on the counter, did the Calvert detectives get them?

DUNKIRK, MD. – Southern Maryland continues to be a target from the criminal gangs from PG County who insist on robbing stores in Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s Counties, which are clearly the territory of local hoodlums. Yet, Prince Georges and District criminals rush down to the sleepy and unprepared commercial establishments and this time, hit the CVS store in Dunkirk in Calvert County.

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans reports that on Monday, May 21, 2018, at 11:21 a.m. deputies with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to the CVS Pharmacy located at 10095 Ward Rd. Dunkirk, Calvert County, MD, for a commercial robbery.

Three suspects entered the store and went to the pharmacy.

The suspects jumped the counter and demanded drugs.  During the robbery, one pharmacist was assaulted.

According to Calvert Sheriff Capt. David Payne, a weapon was implied during the incident but was not displayed.

The suspects fled the scene in a white four-door passenger car prior to the deputies arrival.  The vehicle was last seen traveling northbound on Route 4, towards Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects is asked to contact Det. Wayne Wells at 410-535-2800 ext. 2595, or via email: wayne.wells@calvertcountymd.gov .

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