ELECTION 2024: Elect Conservatives Elena Brewer, David Drys, and Josh Guy or Brandie Edelen to St. Mary’s Board of Education – Elect President Donald Trump

There is a clear choice for voters in St. Mary’s County this year, now that the primary is over. Brewer, Drys, and Guy are all responsive and interested in getting the school system on an even keel of quality education. In addition, now that Brandie Edelen has completed an interview that can be seen below, readers and viewers of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY can learn for themselves why she is being added to the recommendation to be considered to fill the at-large post on the Board of Education of St. Mary’s County.

Below are views expressed by the candidates, two of whom face incumbents with a total of over more than fourteen terms between them, one having first been elected when Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was still a secret. Those two incumbents, Mary Washington and Cathy Allen are failures when it comes to keeping schools safe, as both were on the board when a student brought a gun to Great Mills High School and murdered another student. Yet, in 2024, another gun was brought into the school as metal detectors have yet to be installed. These two incumbents have funded over eleven million for paving sports fields with artificial turf instead of keeping the schools safe.

The two incumbents recently spent a million bucks on a snack shack for sports games, showing they consider the taxpayers’ treasure to be a taq-team sport of raid and robbery.

The radical leftist agenda of DEI has also permeated the schools with critical race theory instead of critically needed excellence in education. Elena Brewer has articulated what it has been like for a parent to be shocked at the sexualization of children in schools; David Drys notes in his interview that his children found a good foundation in the school system for the future, and he wants to ensure that the fiscal policies of schools are directed with accountability. Josh Guy decries the rising level of crime and violence in the schools as being a dangerous barrier to providing the education that the public is paying for and the children require for the future. Brandie Edelen will be the only Board member who is an actual educator.

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