POT FACTORY NEWS: Cannabis, Hemp & End of Prohibition of Pot for Deadheads


POWER TO THE POT FACTORY: Several miles of expensive underground conduit is being constructed to fuel Abell Pot Factory, with no windmills or solar to help heal pain afflicted with marijuana byproducts

ELECTION 2022: POT FACTORY’S FAVORITE IS FRITZ, caught with illegal plants not prosecuted

POT FACTORY BLUES: Weed Kings held a public hearing for supplicants to beg for relief from a massive marijuana facility deposited in their residential neighborhood in a critical area; question: do any of the commissioners live near the Pot Factory? Question: are any of the commissioners’ investors in the whacky tobaccy deal?

THE ROOTS OF THE POT FACTORY: Industrial pot grow operation was given a building permit in mid-2018 but many officials are really surprised today. Should they be?

MEGA-POT FACTORY IN CRITICAL AREA YIELDS FUROR – Good Old Boy System in St. Mary’s Allowed Giant Camel to Push Nose Under Tent Masquerading as Agricultural

ELECTION 2022 Fritz’s benefactor Reginald Alston was put on probation by Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission for illegally possessing plants, and making false statements after St. Mary’s Sheriff seized 760 pot plants; no problem, gave Fritz $6,000