MURDER USA: Kill, Rape & Control is the mantra for MS-13; Little Gangster, Picaro, Lobo, Calmado in murderous crime spree; four homicides committed (that cops know about)

COCAINE COLLUSION: Six coke bosses busted by feds and Maryland cops; Breeze, Will, A-J, Rodney, June & Joe face long vacation in the slammer

MURDER USA: Youngest Member of Murderous Friend Family Conspiracy Re-Sentenced for Role in Slayings of Truckers

GANG BUSTERS: U.S. Marshals, Norfolk Police, Chesapeake Sheriff, DEA, ATF Operation Washout Busted 32 Gang Members Of Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples, Aryan Nation, New Jersey Skinheads, Dead Men Inc, And Gotti Gang

DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: These Bozos Aren’t Spanky And The Little Rascals Gang

MURDER USA: MS-13 Gangster Daniel Flores-Ventura Aka Necio Pleads Guilty To Homicide And Racketeering

GANGLAND BALTIMORE: ‘Tre Beasley’ Leader Of Old York Money Gang Becomes Lifer At Federal Slammer; Legs Mosley Earned 30 Years


COURT NEWS: Trained To Go Gang Member Brandon Wilson Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Federal Racketeering, Drug Conspiracy, and Gun Charges

MURDER USA: MS-13 Member Jeffrey Rodriquez, Aka, Hyper, Sentenced To More Than Seven Years In Prison For Racketeering Related Charges

MURDER USA: Sanctuary Politicians Pursue Insane Policies That Bring More Killing Criminal MS-13 Gang Members Into DC Area; Venus Iraheta Confessed To Stabbing Reyes Rivas To Death And Slicing Tattoo Off Of Victim’s Arm

MURDER USA: MS-13 Teen Gang Members Charged In Slaying Of Herson Mejia-Alvarez; Arrest Warrant Issued For Francisco Sosa

MURDER USA: Baltimore BGF Gang Member Kenneth Jones Aka K Slay Sentenced To Life In Prison For Federal Racketeering And Drug Conspiracy Charges

MURDER USA “Duct Tape” Of Gangster Disciples Pleads Guilty To RICO Conspiracy

Three Nine Trey Gangsters Convicted of 2015 Violent Crime Spree in Virginia

Antonio Lee Simmons, aka, Murdock, and Doc; Nathaniel Tyree Mitchell, aka Savage, Malek Lassiter, aka Leeko,

MURDER USA / Feds Say Gang Boss Luis Arnoldo Flores-Reyes, aka Maloso and Lobo, Gave Kill Order and Listened to Monitor Murder on Smart Phone

MURDER USA Illegal alien gang member Elmer Rios-Mancia sought for murder in El Salvador was welcome in Montgomery and PG Counties until nabbed by ICE; now he is back home facing murder trial

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HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL Judge sends Shropshire Gangster Glen Kyle Wells to slammer for 188 months for heroin trafficking protected by crooked Baltimore City Cop        

Fourteen former heroin customers of the defendants testified at trial, many of whom became addicted to heroin after having been prescribed or taken prescription opioids, including a customer who suffered from multiple sclerosis, a customer who had injured herself in a high school gymnastics accident, and a customer who was prescribed opioid painkillers after surgery.

MURDER USA Oxon Hill High Hoodlums Let Bullets Fly in Holdup; THE BLACK WIDOW strikes! / Gang stabbing at Parkdale Middle School

Police said that Bryant and the victim are acquaintances giving her the possible distinction of being named THE BLACK WIDOW, known far and wide for her dangerous and deadly bite, in this incident delivered by the barrel of a gun instead of venom injected into her target.

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From the Department of Justice about Violent Street Gangs:

Street Gangs are located throughout the United States, and their memberships vary in number, racial and ethnic composition, and structure. Large national street gangs pose the greatest threat because they smuggle, produce, transport, and distribute large quantities of illicit drugs throughout the country and are extremely violent. Local street gangs in rural, suburban and urban areas pose a steadily increasing threat, transporting and distributing drugs within specific areas. The local street gangs often imitate the larger, more powerful national gangs in order to gain respect from their rivals.

Street Gangs will continue to pose a serious domestic threat to many communities throughout the United States. In the long term, it is highly probable that United States based street gangs will increase their role in trafficking drugs, particularly involving the smuggling of drugs into the United States from international sources of supply. Furthermore, it is highly probable that several United States based street gangs will increase their relationships with international criminal organizations and drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs) as a means of obtaining access to the global illicit drug market. The following are some of the more prominent criminal street gangs currently operating in the United States.