Letters to the Editor:

JAMES WINN: says he is a conservative Republican running for Wicomico Council

Support for Planning Approval of Chesapeake FDR Project

I thank the St Mary’s County Planning Commission for allowing me to explain why, as a private citizen, I strongly support the Chesapeake FDR project. I further thank the Commission for approving the gateway to the First Colony community. (I have no investment or financial interest in the project.) I think it will become a key facility in the economic center of St Mary’s County. I also thank Planning Commission member Joe St. Clair for making the motion to approve the concept site plan, which was seconded by member Joe Fazekas. I also thank Merle Evans and chair Howard Thompson for joining them in voting yes.
Most Sincerely and Respectfully,
James Krilich, Dameron Maryland

Voting for McKay because of his knowledge, experience, and leadership

 Letters to the Editor:
This evening, I attended a primary election forum – that featured the candidates running for the office of County Commissioner President. Tommy McKay was exceptional in explaining his vision of St Mary’s County government. I am voting for Tommy because of his knowledge, experience, and comfortable leadership presence. He was a wonderful Commission President twenty years ago, and it would be wonderful for our county to have him as our Commissioner President again. Tommy knows that the future of our community is locked into the destiny of Naval Air Station Patuxent River and Webster Field – and the continued investment by the Department of Defense in Naval Aviation. I urge everyone that is a registered voter in St Mary’s County to vote for Tommy McKay.
Colonel (Ret) James Krilich, USA

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