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EPISODE #5 THE RINGMASTER Chip DiPaula and a $65,000 Check


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FRAUD BY JUDGE & COP – Officials ripped off taxpayers for PPP loan with false statements aided by friendly banker

TRADE SECRETS SCANDAL: Gambling Operation Laundering Millions in Waldorf Operated by Judge Michael White, Senior State Police Lt. George White, and Patronized by Prosecutors, Clueless Cops, and Lawyers Who Should Know Better

EMBATTLED ALLEGED EMBEZZLER: Will Woodville Pines Proposal of Judge Michael White Be a Casino in the Woods of Benedict?

COURT NEWS: Suit alleges that St. Mary’s Judge, Prosecutor embezzled Millions, committed Federal Tax Fraud, civil Rico violations, mail fraud, and theft in roles as executives in federal litigation; alleges that IT director attempted extortion and stole key domain and technology

DANGEROUS AND DUMB PG AND MONTGOMERY OFFICIALS: ICE cites two Maryland counties for endangering citizens by allowing the release of wanted criminal aliens

Crime & Drugs: Drug Arrests In Southern Maryland – Outcomes, And Accountability; What Happened To The SHRIMP EXPRESS?


CRIME AND DECLINE: Cops on the go in Lexington Park every day.

Vacant office and retail space abound in Lexington Park which was once a bustling and busy town.


MURDER USA: Maryland officials released convicted child killer Keith Green on parole after only 20 years and allowed him to move into a group home adjacent to Dr. Gustavas Brown Elementary in Waldorf – he can sit in his backyard and select his next victim

The Case Of The Pampered Home Invader – THE CRAVEN Joseph Sullivan And St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron

FBI Probed Allegations Of Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans Snaring And Sharing Prescription Drugs From Asbury Senior Center In Solomon’s

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The Case of the Devil Duo

‘Devil Duo’ burglars looted six St. Mary’s County Churches of altar chalices, crucifixes in 1991 crime spree; All Faith Church history; local lawyer solved the case for cops by discovering his son was one of the church burglars that stole church religious objects and held a seance in Congressional Cemetary with human relics.

St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Mickey Bailey with recovered altar items stolen by Devil Duo. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

The Story of The Bad Luck Bandit

Officers Nabbed Crook in Process of Robbing Spring Ridge Store; 20-Year Career Included Rash of Wawa Holdups and a Bank Job With Inside Help

St. Mary’s Deputy Keith Fretwell with the Bad Luck Bandit hogtied on the floor with Deputy Diane Thompson. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo by Ken Rossignol


Dennis Evans still going strong with drugs and DWI in the 21st Century

Dennis Martin Evans Jr. DUI suspended prop destruction Leonardtown Center 122416

MURDER USA: Repeat Sex Offender Lamar Samuel Rolled, Robbed, Choked, And Kidnapped A Child On Her Way To School Just Four Days After DC Judge & Prosecutor Cut Him Loose


Turmoil at the Top! St. Mary’s Sheriff Narco Boss Capt. Dan Alioto Booted

Turmoil At The Top: The Case Of The Deceptive Detective Capt. Dan Alioto – WHEN A LIAR COP CAN’T TESTIFY IN A CRIMINAL CASE; BAD GUYS MAY BE RELEASED

THE REST OF THE STORY Kelly Lowther cleared by Clarion Bar video but fired anyway by St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron

Special Report: Are female inmates having sex with male guards in the St. Mary’s Detention Center?

Turmoil at the Top: St. Mary’s Sheriff suspends two captains on heels of admission cops were shooting at occupied homes

SOUTHERN MARYLAND POLICE BEAT / One year’s probation in the plea bargain of DUI arrest of St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Officer Gogul; Cpl. Matt Rogers resigned

Queen Anne’s County: Sheriff Hofmann’s Good Old Boy Style of Keystone Cops Cost Taxpayers Nearly One Million to Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Trappe Police Chief George Ball Entered Guilty Plea to Covering Up Crimes after State Police Raid on Safe in Police Station Yielded Stolen Gun

Charles County Sheriff Detective Jack Austin charged with DUI, wrecked police car on a bike path in Bowie

Charles County Sheriff Capt. ‘Wide Load’ Rackey blocks police dash cam to prevent view of a suspect being arrested. 

Charles Sheriff Election 2014:

Sheriff Coffey Denies He Kicked Motorist While Police Cam Shows Top Cop Blocking View of Incident

False and Deceitful Campaign Accusations Charged Against Prosecutor

Lies, Smears and False Charges by Prosecutor as he sought to oust Judge Could Lead to Him Being Disbarred

  • Bull Shark from Potomac in 2010 Buzzs Marina